10 Jul 2014

The Mummy Dilemmas...

The other day I posted a picture on Instagram

My boy had just produced a massive poo and then promptly fell asleep. I had a mummy dilemma...do I wake him to change or put up with the smell for a bit. He had (read we) had a very unsettled night, he'd had his first set of jabs the day before and I just wanted and needed a little break. In the end I left him for about ten minutes and he woke naturally and had a change then.

It got me thinking of all the little daily dilemmas we as mothers face. Like at the petrol station, do you herd the children out of the car on a busy forecourt? Or what if they are sleeping or worse, refusing to get out! At the moment I've avoided this and usually got petrol when hubby is home.

I had another instance where I had needed a wee for about an hour and the toddler was in the garden with the hose. It made me want to desperately go but do I leave her wielding the hose indiscriminately towards my now almost dry washing or chance having a little accident of my own!

Or leaving her in control of the paints whilst I am in the middle of cooking dinner and sorting out cub's bottle in the kitchen. In the end I resigned myself to the fact that if we got paint all over the floor I'd either have to try and save it or live with it until we can afford a new carpet. Luckily it only went all over her and not my floors (I did have a wipe clean mat on the floor but she always seems to miss this completely.

As a mother our days are all about negotiating and weighing up the odds on certain situations happening or not happening. It can be exhausting and when hubby comes home and asks what we've been up to and then shrugs as if its nothing, I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he has to manage it alone. I'm sure there is much more shouting and paint on the walls.
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