13 Jul 2014

When my babies sleep...

My babies sleep schedule don't collide that often so when I do find myself with a quiet half an hour this is what I do

Watch trash tv
I love a bit of Made in Chelsea or Towie and can't always (who am I kidding, I can never) watch these when the toddler is awake. Sometimes I can here them taunting me from the tv and I can't wait to catch up on what the youngsters with no real problems are up to. I'm also slightly addicted to Catfish the Show and Kardashians. I can watch without thinking which is a big bonus when you spend all day being the slave of a three year old!

Drink a hot cup of tea
Seriously this doesn't seem so hard when you make the cup of tea, all is usually calm and quiet. As soon as that tea bag is covered in hot water, all hell breaks loose, the toddler wants to eat/sleep/go to toilet and the baby starts crying or moaning. It's like a catalyst and by the time I've got back to my cup of tea it has a scum layer and is stone cold. So as soon as those babies are asleep, I'm out there making tea.

I'm always having to share my food with Bubba and considering she has now got a picky streak running through her she still manages to manhandle some part of my lunch or breakfast. I used to reach for the naughty food like chocolate when they slept, cos you know, I needed the boost (quite literally) and the toddler shouldn't really be having any more chocolate today, after having chocolate for breakfast! Now I'm trying to be better but really an apple doesn't cut it so this is still a struggle between good and evil!

I love crochet and it's so unfussy with just the one hook that it lends itself to a quick pick up and then stop without loosing where you are when you have to go for a quick put down again. This is a blanket for my boy, I love the colours and I'm working hard on trying to get it finished before he turns 18!! I will get there and then he will be promptly sick all over it.
Use my phone
I'm terribly with this, I feel lost without my phone and I'm constantly checking it and catching up on blogs on Bloglovin. Or trawling through Instagram or Facebook, I'm sure I'd get more done around the house if I gave up the phone for a while. But hey, a girl's got to have some vices in life otherwise it all gets a bit boring.

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