7 Aug 2014

Away in my aeroplane - Book Buddy Review

I opened the package for July's Parragon Book Buddy review and instantly fell in love with the book I saw. 'Away in my aeroplane' by Margaret Wise Brown.

It's a whimsical story of a boy in his aeroplane, it's simple and short but the beautiful illustration just sent shivers down my spine, it has the feeling of the 1950's and is bright and breezy to look at.

Bubba was also impressed and instantly insisted we read it which was only a problem because she was half way through her lunch at the time. She carefully flicked through each page herself and took the time to actually look at each page (not something my toddler is usually noted for doing).
I love how the rhyme takes us from sunshine and into the rain and then back out again into the sunshine. It really got me and I like reading it to myself as well as Bubba.

I asked Bubba what her favourite part of the book is and she said the page with the whale on. We were very pleased to receive this book and I hope it says a favourite of my girls because it's definitely already a favourite of mine. Just look at that gorgeous illustration....

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