11 Aug 2014

Getting Tough with Dummies

As I've written before, we have dummy issues, at nearly 3 1/2 years she still has one. It's got so bad that she requests it 24/7 and if she doesn't have it then she constantly whines for it. It hasn't been the right time for ages, first we moved house, then once that was settled I became heavily pregnant which again unsettled her, then her lovely brother arrived and so it goes on.

I'm currently cutting out the dummy during the day, firstly I stopped taking it out of the house with us and now I'm taking it away when she gets up and then saying she can have it back after lunch. We are down to just one working dummy and it isn't in the best of shape.

We talk a lot about how the dummy fairy will come and in its place give her a trampoline. She is so desperate for this trampoline but still cannot give up the idea of the dummy, I don't want to push it too hard as it could leave me with an even more unstable toddler during the day and more agro which I could do without.

A while ago (when I'd just had cub) I got sent a gorgeous dummy fairy pack from The Dummy Fairy Workshop and although we aren't (she isn't) ready to use it yet, we still look through it regularly because it's a thing of beauty.

I love the attention to detail, before receiving the pack I had to answer some detailed questions on Bubba's favourite toys and any comforters she has etc. In return we received a personalised letter, dummy fairy bag, fairy dust, detailed instructions for me and a thank you letter to give to Bubba from the the fairy after drop off. It's all beautifully put together and appeals to my daughter no end, every thing from the letter to the fairy dust (which she wanted to use immediately to summon the fairy).

I cannot tell you how much I really really want to use this kit with Bubba, she wants to give the dummy to the fairy and gets excited about it but keeps getting stuck because she knows once its gone, she won't get the dummy back. I'm a bit of a soft touch and not forcing the issue, I know that although it will take time, I'm looking forward to using this kit.

Without yet using the kit, I would recommend it wholeheartedly and urge anyone to check The Dummy Fairy Workshop out.
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