18 Aug 2014

Peep inside Kids Books

We love books, Bubba has so many that her shelves are bulging under the weight. I love buying things (especially books) so you can see where my problems lie. The 'Peep inside' Zoo book by Usborne has been a firm favourite in our house for a long time and it appeals to my girls love of animals. It takes you around the zoo and in a fairly adult way explains about the animals. It's a real feast for the eyes...

So you can only imagine my overexcited sprint to the tills in the book shop today (I was fairly giddy to be at Bluewater as it was anyway - money was burning its way through my pocket). Usborne have done it again and produced a peep inside animal homes. I'm already in love, it's beautifully illustrated and informative.

This isn't a collaboration, it's just the love of a really good book series.
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