4 Aug 2014

Wiping the slate clean

The summer holidays haven't long started and already we've had 'one of those days'.

Holidays started early for us when Bubba got the tummy bug that had been going around, so she missed her last two days of preschool. I was devastated.

The following week had started well, we visited nanny and garg and went to the shops. I was then faced with a void on Tuesday and decided to take the kids to the library and sign up Bubba with her own library card. 

As I was parking, after manhandling the kids into the car in the first place, cub promptly threw up the whole of his last bottle. All over himself, it was like a tidal wave. Had he got the bug or just an unfortunate coincidence.

So it was straight home for us after I shouted at Bubba because she was making such a racket in the back, moaning because she wanted to go to the library. 

The day spiralled out of control with an unhappy toddler, me watching cub like a hawk and it was all a bit too on edge. Certainly not how I envisaged the summer holidays!

We had a stand off in the kitchen and she had to be carried in from the garden at bath time because she refused to move. Hubby saved the day as I sat hyperventilating and wondering where I went wrong.

I'm happy to report that the next day went much better, I was nervous to start the day and wondered if Bubba would be scared for life because I shouted (I know).  She had forgotten all about it because as a toddler, she lives in the moment which is something I'm going to try and do from now on.
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