24 Sept 2014

A day like this

Some days I'm tearing my hair out by 8am and know I can't stay in with the kids all day. Other days it's all going well and then rapidly goes down hill. Then you get those rare days that just seem to be relaxed and we end up ambling through a whole day at home.

This day I knew my little man needed a couple of decent kips as he was coming out the other side of a cold and hadn't slept well during the day as we'd been doing so much.

He'd already had a long morning sleep, then fell asleep again at his 2pm bottle. 
Us girls filled our morning with stickers, tv and baking cakes.

And decorating and then eating them

She decided to do a bit of play cooking too and I managed a quick sit down before the boy woke up demanding attention.
And a quick cup of tea for her brother...
(This picture wasn't as cosy as it looks, the whole time Bubba was squealing and shouting 'eehhhh he's getting slime all over my cup' followed by prolonged screaming).

This day was made more special because I know as of next week we will not have mornings like this because school starts and she'll be in the system. No more lazy mornings unless she is unwell (which is rather not have those days). No more kicking back until school holidays.
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