4 Sept 2014

I'll miss...

My baby has been off school for almost ten weeks and although at first I worried, now I'm aching for it not to end. Never will id get this moment in time back, next year she will be older and wider and not so full of wonder. 

I'll miss...

The way she demands I wipe her hands 50 times a day when she's right next to the wipes

How she says "mummymummymummy..." without pausing or waiting for a reply a million times a day

The heart stopping race to the toilet when she's bursting because she refused to go when we were actually near a toilet.

Leaving the room tidy only to come back a minute later and it looks like a tornado has ripped through our house.

Finding piles of wipes where she takes it upon herself to wipe her hands.

Not having an audience every time I go to the loo

The noise. When she's here it's loud and I often say I can't get a minutes peace but when she's gone, it's oh so quiet.

The way she asks what we are going to do today, tomorrow, the next day etc even before today has started.

Cuddles, when she's tired or bored or wants my full attention, she asks for a cuddle on my lap.

How she constantly asks for food, sometimes I wonder how she fits it all in.

Most of all I'm going to miss the chatter, the laughter and her giggles. I'll watch the clock until she is back with me again.

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