21 Sept 2014

The holiday...

My little girl started to grow up.

As we neared the end of our holiday and hubby was reading to Bubba, I looked at her and saw her hair seemed a little longer and straighter, her arms and legs more sure of themselves and her confidence brimming over.

She had a ball on holiday, making new friends nearly every day which was a first for her, confidence in the swimming pool and an ability to climb, it seems, almost anything. She took each new development in her stride whilst I was sat wondering how my baby had grown up.

I realised that she is going to continue stretching her boundaries and I'll have to keep up. Her fearless nature is brilliant and she can follow through a plan with a steely determination. 
At Peppa pig world she was insistent that I sit in the back of Daddy Pigs car, which I dutifully did, because she was driving. So I had to be content with looking at the back of her head, at first I felt like the hired help but I realised that it was great she wasn't bothered doing something new alone and as long as she knew I was there, she didn't need me to be sat beside her. I hope that she keeps this up as she gets older because it's a key skill to have.
With two children it was never going to be a relaxing break and our girl certainly kept us busy. Although I came home slightly exhausted, it was great to see her embracing open spaces, new ideas and experiences with such gusto.

Not forgetting my boy, he experienced a fair amount of firsts too. First time on holiday, sleeping in a completely new room (didn't faze him at all, a few mornings he slept in until 8am - he goes to bed at 6pm) and his first time at the beach and swimming. As usual, he took it all in his stride and continued to be my little smiley boy.

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