8 Oct 2014

Easy Meals - Flashy Beans

As a mother of two small people and a Slimming World convert, my meals have all become full of veg as it's easy to cook and quick.

So now, at any opportunity I try to pump as much veg into each meal as I can.

We decided to have jacket potatoes for dinner and I do like normal beans but sometimes I want something a bit different. Now I don't think we will go back to 'normal' beans any time soon as this packs a punch on flavour and texture.

Red onion
Borlotti Beans (tin)
Plum tomatoes (tin)
Mushrooms (cut up smallish)
Chicken stock cube
Smoked paprika
Onion granules
Garlic Salt
Cayenne (or chilli) powder

 Fry the onion and mushroom

Add the plum tomatoes and all the spices

Boil vigorously for five minutes to reduce the tomatoes

Add the beans and turn the hear right down to a simmer

Add water (1/2 tin) but it depends on how juicy you want it

Cook with lid on for another ten minutes


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