10 Oct 2014

Sleep No Sleep

Another weary morning where my eyelids feel like they have sandpaper attached to them and scratching at my eyes. Sleep was interrupted several times in the night and it was another early start with both babies. They seem unaffected by the early start / night waking and are as lively as anything.

My brain feels like its dripping with treacle and my throat is rough and tender (stress always attacks my throat first).

Last week I was fairly philosophical, telling hubby "Well they are kids, they don't always sleep, we have to suck it up" as he grumbled  through the morning.

This week I'm not so easy going, I actually feel right royally pee'd off.

Lack of sleep breaks you when its consistent, you can't remember what sleep was like and for me I feel like my soul weeps. It's hard to focus my way through another full day with two mini dictators.

The worst bit is that it isn't even the littlest causing us the most pain, you'd think at five months old that he is within his rights to get us up and keep us up. He is, after all, a baby!

But no one told me that by 3 1/2 my lovely girl would be a regular night waker. Her motives are a little more complex than the boys 'I need a wee' or a slight accident in bed (we've been lucky it's happened only a handful of times but these are fairly concentrated in to a few weeks).

The biggest surprise is that her imagination is keeping us all from our sleep 'mummy I had a dream, a moth with bright blue eyes was chasing me'. That was enough to give me the willies too! Or 'talking dogs daddy, they woke my sleep up'.

She does now (usually) go back to sleep but no one ever chuffing told me that nightmares could be so disruptive for us all.

At least twice a week we have been woken by her, 1am and 3am seem to be when her mind is the most active. We follow a relaxing bath, book, bed routine and leave a light on as she isn't too keen on total darkness.

It feels like we may never get sleep ever again. At the moment the boy seems to be a good sleeper but a few teething issues have had us up and I'm sure those darn teeth will start to keep us up more and more.

I can't imagine a time when we will get sleep again and it becomes a rare occurrence that we get woken. Well I can imagine that time but not for many years yet! At least the little one gets to catch up on his sleep.
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