7 Nov 2014

School Run Mums

Dear SRM's (School Run Mums)

I know that on a Monday morning you just about manage to leave the house after locating lost PE kits and stuffing packed lunches but please spare a thought for us newbies.

I too have struggled with convincing my three year old that yes she does need to wear trousers and not a fairy tutu. With lack of sleep and a moaning (teething) 6 month old, I too am in no mood to be doing this. What would help enormously would be you not standing like a gaggle of geese right in the way of the nursery entrance. Yes I'm aware that your child also goes into the entrance next to ours but that's not until my baby is safely playing in her classroom. 

We have to run the shecain of older siblings running into our way, book bags being swung and hitting my kids head (yes her head and thanks SRM for not even apologising on behalf of your errant child). My preschooler doesn't need much convincing that she shouldn't be going in and this becomes her main evidence.

Again, I'm aware a lot of you nursery SRM's have older children and don't need to make any more mum friends or particularly want to stop and chat but we are new to all this and a bit eager. It's upset me in the four weeks we've been doing the school run that people aren't pleasant, you don't even smile or nod hello. Our children are all in the same class and I was always brought up to be polite. Surely a smile isn't too difficult. 

As you may be aware, my new tactic is to smile broadly and say hi to you, especially those of you who avert your gaze (Ffs! what is that all about?). I may come across as manic but it helps me when I'm feeling isolated by you in your little mum coven.

Oh and as we walk out of the playground again it would be fantastic if your three children don't take up the whole pavement, making me wait for you all to pass. Then no one has the courtesy of thanking me (again a nod and a smile would be fine instead). 

Sorry to go on a bit but we are new to this, I love the idea that my girl gets to go to this lovely school and all that entails. As I mentioned, we are a bit keen so I'll probably be one of the offenders this time next week.

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