11 Dec 2014

This hand

I remember staring at those impossibly small hands and falling in love. The cute, pink podgyness as those little hands reached out to me.

The way those arms twirled in the air as you got excited or wanted to be picked up is something that will stay in my memory.

Now those hands reach out for mine, the slender little fingers twitch and twirl seemingly of their own accord as energy courses through you. Now nothing phases you and doing up buttons is easy, mastering a zip seemed effortless.

We hold hands as we walk home from school (not an altogether easy task whilst also pushing a buggy). I wouldn't have it any other way, I love how comfortable it feels to have that tiny hand encased in mine.

I'm sure my time is limited, there will come a day I will have to gulp back tears when you no longer want or need to hold onto me. The thought of it makes me sad but I know it won't be 'cool' to hold hands or you'll be busy holding a friends hand.

I'll be forever hopeful that just once in a while you will still reach out for me. For now I'm content to hold your hand whenever you want and no matter what else is going on.
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