12 Dec 2014


I haven't been too interested in writing for a while, well that's not entirely true, I can't help but think in words and write it down whether on scraps of paper, in my head or in another lovely new note pad.

I just couldn't seem to write it down here and commit it to paper, I got stuck and didn't know where to begin and soon it seemed to long since I last wrote and I felt the pressure. I think I got caught up after Blogfest on how after all this time, my little space is still just that...little. What's the point in writing as there are so many great blogs about and mine isn't getting any bigger, others have better opportunities, exposure and content. I know, I really did wallow in it and I'm sorry because I never set out to become a 'top blogger' and still now I don't think I'd want that much attention on me.

That for me is the trouble with attending a blogging conference, in themselves they are great and I'm still happy to go. I end up comparing myself unfavourably with others and getting all defeatist about it. That combined with my current level of 'no sleep' it sort of sent me over the edge, so I gave myself a break.

Just as suddenly, I have now tapping away on my computer and scheduling and already I feel lighter again.

So the essence of this garbled post is to say I'm sorry (to myself mainly) for my absence and to remind myself that I need to focus on what I'm doing and living my life rather than comparing myself to others. We are all in this together and we all deserve and need or own space.
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