14 Dec 2014

Our Perfect Holiday #Markwarnermum

As the nights draw in and the mornings are crisp, thoughts usually turn to holidays in our house. We currently don't get enough sleep and it's a shock to the system when Monday rolls round again.

Hubby often looks longingly at travel brochures (received on behalf of our houses previous owner who it seems was fairly prolific in his choice of destination). After another long and sleepless night I hear him grumble about how we used to sleep off hangovers on a sun lounger in an exotic location. He loves to explore on a holiday and make the most of his time, happy to find out about what's on the other side of a hill or beyond the usual tourist spots. He likes to sample the local food and drink and immerse himself in the holiday.

Our past is long forgotten for me, now a family of four, it's all about the children.

If you were to ask Bubba, she would say "can we go to the beach?" She'll ask this on any given day, whether it's hot or the rain is falling heavily from the skies. She's only ever had a UK holiday, which is fine, so is fairly hardy on that front. Her other perfect holiday would involve ice cream (again she isn't fussy as to climate for this).

My boy felt the sun on his face and sand between his podgy little toes for the first time this year. It was fascinating to watch him explore this strange sensation for the first time. His perfect holiday would be anywhere that mummy goes (we are at that difficult but lovely 'separation anxiety' stage). What can I say, my boy loves his mummy.

For me, the perfect holiday involves watching those 'firsts'. First time my girl gets to go on a plane which would be the biggest adventure she has had. I don't really have a destination in mind, we'd have fun no matter what (neither of my babies have really experienced snow either yet). I want to watch the first time my boy gets his toes wet in the foaming surf and see his reaction. Or the first snowball we aim at daddy and the giggles as we dodge one coming back to us. The first time my hubby doesn't have to go to work but can panic whether we have all the passports at the airport. It's all about being together and doing things we haven't done before, to me that is the perfect holiday.

Hopefully as a family we have many adventures ahead of us and many years to experience holidays in whatever format.  I'd love to be part of the Mark Warner family in 2015 as I've heard nothing but good things. We are new to family holidays abroad and I'd like to hear how 'newbies' get on abroad and this is why I applied, to represent this sector. It's an exciting year for us, my girl at four is getting to grips with the world and my boy will turn one and just be starting his adventures. I can't wait to record more of our memories here.

This is my entry to be a #markwarnermum and to be a lucky 2015 Ambassador 

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