18 Dec 2014

Practicing Patience

I've had this phrase going around in my head for the last few weeks.

We all know children can test us and mine have both been testing my limits recently. Bubba has been pushing all our boundaries and making life a struggle and the boy has been having a tough time with teething and we haven't had a lot of sleep.

So my patience has been null and void for a while. I used to be very patient with Bubba and I was proud of myself, now trying to juggle two children with different demands I'm a little ashamed to say my girl has been short changed by me when it's got to a critical stage in negotiations.

I've let her know that I'm frustrated and as things escalate out of control I end up shouting, I never wanted to be (and still don't) a shouter. Obviously there are times when shouting works and is needed, say when your little one is about to step off the pavement without looking on a busy road. This doesn't apply to our house and after I've shouted, I feel remorseful and know that once I shout, I've pretty much lost control of the situation.

Thankfully it's not that often and it's really when I'm pushed to the breaking point so since I realised, I've tried to practise patience. I take a deep breath, I smile because that not only calms me (whilst bamboozling the toddler) but it starts me in a frame of mind that doesn't lead to a shouty moment.

I keep my voice neutral and low and try to get on her level and in my head I keep repeating "I'm an adult, she's a child, practice patience." I'm no saint and it doesn't always work but I am back to being more patient and understanding of her struggles.  It's definitely a work in progress but we have got back to the point I can mostly talk her down from a stand off and win her round again.

One thing I'm very sure of though is that my girl has a lot of attitude and personality (in a good way).

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