29 Jan 2015

Our Home update

Two years ago we started thinking of moving because we wanted another baby and our little two bed Victorian terrace was a bit too small.

It all went rather quick, our house sold within a week and we needed to get a move on. The house we saw on the Internet was an instant love affair for us both (hubby had spotted it about a month before we decided to take the plunge). In the end we only viewed four houses because we both knew we liked our potential new house the best.

It was a little rough around the edges and needed a new kitchen and bathroom as both are in dire condition and not been changed for at least 20 years (when a kitchen man came to quote he said our kitchen had been a 'new' design at least 27 years ago).

We had managed to get ourselves a mortgage after having a shop around and so it was all systems go. At the time we decided we could manage the work slowly and surely, starting with decorating the children's rooms and then ours. 

I love my big girls bedroom, if I was little I'd love a room like it, it's so vibrant and fun. Her only requirements were 'pink' and lots of toys so I managed to fulfil that brief. 

The boy got more of a classic nursery look and when he's older and we get a clear idea of his loves we will redecorate.  His room is only tiny so it's not too much bother to decorate again (but I haven't told the hubby that yet!).

Our room still needs work and the decorating has commenced but it's slow work and having taken all the old wallpaper off we are in the process of painting all the woodwork. New wallpaper needs to go up and the other walls painted and I've then got to fill this lovely bay window.

At the moment my dream kitchen will have to wait and we are thinking of attempting to do the bathroom instead. This also will take a lot of work as we have a separate loo and bathroom at the moment and need to knock them into one room.

The thing I like most about our house is its location. We live down a small and quiet close where all the neighbours have lived here for years. It's a real old fashioned neighbourhood where every one says hello and I'm hoping we get to stay here for years.

* This is a collaborative post

27 Jan 2015

Realisations on being a mother of two

As I muddle through this double trouble phase I've started a little list of observations which I'm sure will grow as my children do.

Alone time

When I used to moan about having no time to myself with just one small person, I must of been slightly deranged. I had bundles of down time and its only now I look back fondly and wish I had that much time. Alone time now is something that doesn't happen, ever!

The squabbling starts early

Seriously I thought this was something that older kids did but my two are already at it at 9 months and 3 years old. The whines of 'he's got my toy', 'no don't touch that' screeched in his direction as he lunges with a twinkle in his eye at her most treasured belongings and when she cuddles him a bit too tightly or tries to hold his hand, he lets her know it's not acceptable in a series of moans and high pitched screechy noises.

Sleep deprivation

When you have one child, you feel bad on a broken nights sleep, when you think of having a second child you think to yourself "oh it wasn't that bad, we'll manage" the romanticism is strong. That is until you have a second child and it's so god damn terrible that you feel broken by the time you get out of bed the next day. The old 'rest when your baby does' doesn't take into account that the moment the baby eventually goes to sleep, the toddler is revving up and wants to do stickers, painting, play doh, running up and down the garden. Literally think of the most energetic thing to do when you feel like your eyeballs may fall out and that I guarantee is what your toddler chooses to do.

No cup of coffee will ever be big enough again

Never will you get enough coffee again (especially not a hot cup). Enough said

They tag team on no sleep

I try to catch them conferring during the day to see which one is going to wake up first and then who is going to finish the job of trying to break me. They either wake up an hour apart throughout the night or one wakes up in the middle of the night whilst the other catches up on sleep and then the nicely rested one will give you a hellish 5am wake up.


These things multiple over night I'm sure, they ooze out of the toy box and sometimes you find a toy that you had no recollection of buying or seeing ever before. The front room resembles a soft play centre and all I do is pick toys up, sweep them away with my foot or gingerly pick my way through them whilst carrying a child. The small fiddly bits...don't even get me started on bits that can easily choke or get sucked up by the Hoover!

Lists & things to do

I love a good list, it's one of my joys in life to make lists. Now my 'to do' list is longer and longer each day, there aren't even hours in the days to complete a third of what needs doing as I'm usually too busy picking up toys!


Seriously, one child generates enough washing to keep a full time laundry in business but two kids!!! They seem to manage to get grubby, smear food over themselves and the carpet just by sitting still. My children are the slightly crumpled looking ones and ironing isn't something I will ever relish and I just don't bother with now.

Good days, Bad days

When you have a bad day it gets really bad, they both scream and cry throughout the day and generally make you watch the clock for either daddy's return or when its socially acceptable to crack open a bottle of something to drown yourself in. On the flip side, it's the good days that are a real danger as you feel slightly invincible, both children are smiling and having fun together and will be compliant, when you are out they are the model children. It's on these days that my hormones rear up and say "see the lack of sleep isn't that bad, you have such good little people....isn't it time you had another?"

20 Jan 2015

The Bed Roll

Now I've deliberated tonight as to whether I should a) admit this & b) want it written for all to read forever (yes that's you son and I'm really sorry!)

Today we had a little incident, it makes my heart sink thinking about it and I feel sick when I replay it back in my mind, which trust me has been 100's of times already. 

My boy rolled himself off our bed.

It was 3.30pm and he refused to nap so I put him on our bed and bubba also came along with the iPad and acted all teenagery (I swear I hate the threes, so much worse than the two's). We had some toys on the bed and both children were almost laying on me.

Then he rolled once, twice and off the edge. It felt like it was in slow mo but in reality it was seconds. I hadn't left him, turned my back or moved but suddenly he was gone. I raced around the side of the bed to see him rather startled and staring back at me. He cried, I cried and the threenager on the bed looked up rather bored by my shouts of "oh my god! Oh my god" deadpan death stared at me and sighed "it'll be ok mummy, try and calm down, it's all ok".

But it wasn't ok because I've become that mother, the one who took her eye off the ball and let her baby commando roll off the bed. It was a miracle he didn't hit the radiator or the bedside cabinet and seemed to come out unscathed. He settled really quickly and forgot about it but even now I still can't.

Tonight I have been in his room prodding him every now and again to make sure he's ok. I'm still not ok. He's had a rubbish few weeks with a cold and teething, we've suffered from broken sleep the whole of that time...sometimes ten minutes but usually for at least an hour a night and it's wearing us down. On top of that I add to the stress and let him hurt himself!

I swear this shizzle doesn't get easier, you think you've mastered it with one and then it all gets knocked out of whack again with the second one.

13 Jan 2015

What he eats...at Nine Months

Well at 9 months the answer is everything! My boy has a huge appetite and it seems nothing is out of bounds for him.

I haven't been able to keep up with demand and resorted to organic jar food too. The sheer volume he can pack away is amazing. I try and give him a home cooked meal at least once a day.
Cub isn't fussed with self feeding and will if he has to (unless it's something he really wants). He doesn't like steamed carrot but eats it in a mix - as above a carrot, leek & sweet potato mix (sprinkled with cheese).

I often give the kids scrambled egg but he won't feed himself this but eats it off a spoon well. Omlette he just obliterates with his fists before flinging it off the side, however he will eat if I hand feed him. Cooked vegetables aren't really his thing, he will eat if given to him but he won't pick them up himself or feed himself them.

Our only problem is that he likes to stuff large chunks of food in and gets really cross if I fish out a whole slice of cucumber or rice cake! He checks his own bib too just to make sure he hasn't missed anything.

On his first day at nursery he managed to pack away - a whole Weetabix, snack time he had a coissant, lunch consisted of fajita wraps (again demolished the lot). At home he watched as we ate our lunch and moaned until he got a rice cake, followed by his midday milk. Afternoon he helped in eating apple pieces and then teatime he had pitta bread and tuna (first thing we've tried that he isn't keen on). I think he could have carried on eating after that but I didn't want him to get belly ache.

I have to encourage him to drink water sometimes whereas his sister used to have no problem and even now water is her preferred drink (& she drinks a lot of it).

His favourite finger foods so far are:
Rice cakes
Baby biscuits 
Pitta bread (goes a bit crazy stuffing it in)
Cucumber pieces
Toast fingers
Chicken pieces (cut to size of pea's)
Smoked Salmon fillet pieces
Strong cheese
Soon I'm going to get all Annabel Karmel on him and make some huge batches of food at the weekend and look through my books for more finger food ideas.
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