29 Jan 2015

Our Home update

Two years ago we started thinking of moving because we wanted another baby and our little two bed Victorian terrace was a bit too small.

It all went rather quick, our house sold within a week and we needed to get a move on. The house we saw on the Internet was an instant love affair for us both (hubby had spotted it about a month before we decided to take the plunge). In the end we only viewed four houses because we both knew we liked our potential new house the best.

It was a little rough around the edges and needed a new kitchen and bathroom as both are in dire condition and not been changed for at least 20 years (when a kitchen man came to quote he said our kitchen had been a 'new' design at least 27 years ago).

We had managed to get ourselves a mortgage after having a shop around and so it was all systems go. At the time we decided we could manage the work slowly and surely, starting with decorating the children's rooms and then ours. 

I love my big girls bedroom, if I was little I'd love a room like it, it's so vibrant and fun. Her only requirements were 'pink' and lots of toys so I managed to fulfil that brief. 

The boy got more of a classic nursery look and when he's older and we get a clear idea of his loves we will redecorate.  His room is only tiny so it's not too much bother to decorate again (but I haven't told the hubby that yet!).

Our room still needs work and the decorating has commenced but it's slow work and having taken all the old wallpaper off we are in the process of painting all the woodwork. New wallpaper needs to go up and the other walls painted and I've then got to fill this lovely bay window.

At the moment my dream kitchen will have to wait and we are thinking of attempting to do the bathroom instead. This also will take a lot of work as we have a separate loo and bathroom at the moment and need to knock them into one room.

The thing I like most about our house is its location. We live down a small and quiet close where all the neighbours have lived here for years. It's a real old fashioned neighbourhood where every one says hello and I'm hoping we get to stay here for years.

* This is a collaborative post
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