27 Jan 2015

Realisations on being a mother of two

As I muddle through this double trouble phase I've started a little list of observations which I'm sure will grow as my children do.

Alone time

When I used to moan about having no time to myself with just one small person, I must of been slightly deranged. I had bundles of down time and its only now I look back fondly and wish I had that much time. Alone time now is something that doesn't happen, ever!

The squabbling starts early

Seriously I thought this was something that older kids did but my two are already at it at 9 months and 3 years old. The whines of 'he's got my toy', 'no don't touch that' screeched in his direction as he lunges with a twinkle in his eye at her most treasured belongings and when she cuddles him a bit too tightly or tries to hold his hand, he lets her know it's not acceptable in a series of moans and high pitched screechy noises.

Sleep deprivation

When you have one child, you feel bad on a broken nights sleep, when you think of having a second child you think to yourself "oh it wasn't that bad, we'll manage" the romanticism is strong. That is until you have a second child and it's so god damn terrible that you feel broken by the time you get out of bed the next day. The old 'rest when your baby does' doesn't take into account that the moment the baby eventually goes to sleep, the toddler is revving up and wants to do stickers, painting, play doh, running up and down the garden. Literally think of the most energetic thing to do when you feel like your eyeballs may fall out and that I guarantee is what your toddler chooses to do.

No cup of coffee will ever be big enough again

Never will you get enough coffee again (especially not a hot cup). Enough said

They tag team on no sleep

I try to catch them conferring during the day to see which one is going to wake up first and then who is going to finish the job of trying to break me. They either wake up an hour apart throughout the night or one wakes up in the middle of the night whilst the other catches up on sleep and then the nicely rested one will give you a hellish 5am wake up.


These things multiple over night I'm sure, they ooze out of the toy box and sometimes you find a toy that you had no recollection of buying or seeing ever before. The front room resembles a soft play centre and all I do is pick toys up, sweep them away with my foot or gingerly pick my way through them whilst carrying a child. The small fiddly bits...don't even get me started on bits that can easily choke or get sucked up by the Hoover!

Lists & things to do

I love a good list, it's one of my joys in life to make lists. Now my 'to do' list is longer and longer each day, there aren't even hours in the days to complete a third of what needs doing as I'm usually too busy picking up toys!


Seriously, one child generates enough washing to keep a full time laundry in business but two kids!!! They seem to manage to get grubby, smear food over themselves and the carpet just by sitting still. My children are the slightly crumpled looking ones and ironing isn't something I will ever relish and I just don't bother with now.

Good days, Bad days

When you have a bad day it gets really bad, they both scream and cry throughout the day and generally make you watch the clock for either daddy's return or when its socially acceptable to crack open a bottle of something to drown yourself in. On the flip side, it's the good days that are a real danger as you feel slightly invincible, both children are smiling and having fun together and will be compliant, when you are out they are the model children. It's on these days that my hormones rear up and say "see the lack of sleep isn't that bad, you have such good little people....isn't it time you had another?"
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