1 Feb 2015

Sleep is for the weak...in our house

This is a smile I've rarely seen in the last few weeks, my boy has been ill. Or rather we think he is teething but develops a really runny nose, a temperature and is generally unhappy. 

He is usually such a happy and relaxed baby and I take it for granted. That is until he is teething or unwell, then it hits him really hard and also us.

In the last few weeks we have been woken by him on average at least a couple of times a night. He doesn't settle at nap times and wakes crying or screaming after only a short while. Night times we have to either cuddle him back to sleep or spend hours trying to get him comfortable. We've ended up bringing him into our bed so we can all get some sleep, this is something we never did with Bubba. She has only slept in our bed once in all her time.

It's caused me lots of anxiety, I'm so not good with change or lack of sleep. I become an emotional wreck, crying and feeling out of control. Evenings I become a ball of anxiety, any small cry and I'm fearing the worst and getting upset about it. The thought of getting even less sleep when we are already desperately in need of some sleep (any sleep) makes me feel ill.

On top of this the three year old is also waking at least once a night. She is usually convinced she is going downstairs (even in the early hours) and its a battle of wills to convince her to go back to bed. Unfortunately this is also the time where patience is lacking and tears are a plenty. Some nights it can become horrific with both myself and hubby up with a different child at different times.

Two nights ago I was so tired that I put bubba back in bed and then rested my head on her bed (whilst on my knees), I woke 20 mins later face planting her bed with two dead legs and one arm. She had, it seems, got bored with me, gone to sleep and was gently snoring. I semi crawled (dragging my arm and legs) back to bed and it woke hubby who thought something bad had happened to me!

I really thought my girl should and would be consistently sleeping through by now but at the moment it seems really, really bad. Bad dreams and anxiety are our enemies right now.

I'm not moaning as I know it's all only a phase but when you are in the middle of it, it's hard work. I'm only just hanging on and hoping we start to get some sleep off one or both children.
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