20 Jan 2015

The Bed Roll

Now I've deliberated tonight as to whether I should a) admit this & b) want it written for all to read forever (yes that's you son and I'm really sorry!)

Today we had a little incident, it makes my heart sink thinking about it and I feel sick when I replay it back in my mind, which trust me has been 100's of times already. 

My boy rolled himself off our bed.

It was 3.30pm and he refused to nap so I put him on our bed and bubba also came along with the iPad and acted all teenagery (I swear I hate the threes, so much worse than the two's). We had some toys on the bed and both children were almost laying on me.

Then he rolled once, twice and off the edge. It felt like it was in slow mo but in reality it was seconds. I hadn't left him, turned my back or moved but suddenly he was gone. I raced around the side of the bed to see him rather startled and staring back at me. He cried, I cried and the threenager on the bed looked up rather bored by my shouts of "oh my god! Oh my god" deadpan death stared at me and sighed "it'll be ok mummy, try and calm down, it's all ok".

But it wasn't ok because I've become that mother, the one who took her eye off the ball and let her baby commando roll off the bed. It was a miracle he didn't hit the radiator or the bedside cabinet and seemed to come out unscathed. He settled really quickly and forgot about it but even now I still can't.

Tonight I have been in his room prodding him every now and again to make sure he's ok. I'm still not ok. He's had a rubbish few weeks with a cold and teething, we've suffered from broken sleep the whole of that time...sometimes ten minutes but usually for at least an hour a night and it's wearing us down. On top of that I add to the stress and let him hurt himself!

I swear this shizzle doesn't get easier, you think you've mastered it with one and then it all gets knocked out of whack again with the second one.
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