13 Jan 2015

What he eats...at Nine Months

Well at 9 months the answer is everything! My boy has a huge appetite and it seems nothing is out of bounds for him.

I haven't been able to keep up with demand and resorted to organic jar food too. The sheer volume he can pack away is amazing. I try and give him a home cooked meal at least once a day.
Cub isn't fussed with self feeding and will if he has to (unless it's something he really wants). He doesn't like steamed carrot but eats it in a mix - as above a carrot, leek & sweet potato mix (sprinkled with cheese).

I often give the kids scrambled egg but he won't feed himself this but eats it off a spoon well. Omlette he just obliterates with his fists before flinging it off the side, however he will eat if I hand feed him. Cooked vegetables aren't really his thing, he will eat if given to him but he won't pick them up himself or feed himself them.

Our only problem is that he likes to stuff large chunks of food in and gets really cross if I fish out a whole slice of cucumber or rice cake! He checks his own bib too just to make sure he hasn't missed anything.

On his first day at nursery he managed to pack away - a whole Weetabix, snack time he had a coissant, lunch consisted of fajita wraps (again demolished the lot). At home he watched as we ate our lunch and moaned until he got a rice cake, followed by his midday milk. Afternoon he helped in eating apple pieces and then teatime he had pitta bread and tuna (first thing we've tried that he isn't keen on). I think he could have carried on eating after that but I didn't want him to get belly ache.

I have to encourage him to drink water sometimes whereas his sister used to have no problem and even now water is her preferred drink (& she drinks a lot of it).

His favourite finger foods so far are:
Rice cakes
Baby biscuits 
Pitta bread (goes a bit crazy stuffing it in)
Cucumber pieces
Toast fingers
Chicken pieces (cut to size of pea's)
Smoked Salmon fillet pieces
Strong cheese
Soon I'm going to get all Annabel Karmel on him and make some huge batches of food at the weekend and look through my books for more finger food ideas.
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