23 Feb 2015

An attitude of Kindness

Before Christmas I joined a great facebook group and blog Embrace Happy which aimed to share happiness and being thankful. Every day people share their three good things that happen and I was one of them.

Then came a couple of gruelling months for me and I lost my happy. I haven't wanted to find three things because most of the time I've felt unable to do anything but wallow. I'm still not out the other side but I've started trying to share some happiness with others and every week I'm going to give a little kindness out. Obviously I'll try and do this all the time as a smile or holding a door open or a simple thank you is all you need to get started. But one day a week I'll concentrate on those I love a little more and post my results on the blog.

I decided to keep it simple and last week I got my friend a card just to say hi and I was thinking of her as she's had a bit of a rough time lately. Then I got hubby some chocolate cookies (his favourite) as a treat and obvs couldn't leave myself out, I got the Sainsburys magazine as it had some amazing recipes in it which again I can share.

So you see, it doesn't have to be big or grand gestures where lots of money is spent. Just the little bits of kindness and being thoughtful that hopefully will go a long way.

...since writing this my friend received her card and wrote a lovely text saying how it lifted her after a particularly hard day. It left me feeling warm n fuzzy so it's already working, give kindness and receive it back off the back of it.
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