21 Feb 2015

Hummus, Meditating and Taylor Swift #Littleloves

This is my first week of joining The little loves linky, I'm an avid follower and thought I'd take the plunge and have a go myself this week.


This week for me it's been all about reading this lovely book.

I'm in awe at how Ella changed her life, I love her blog anyway and if I can at least take on-board some of her healthy principles then it'll help me lose a few more pounds and get healthier.


In keeping with my new year goal of strength I decided to take up yoga. Looking online there was so much choice but after also seeing Jools Oliver recommend her yoga teacher on Instagram, I went for this one...

I'm so glad I did, the sequences are brilliant and simple to follow as a newbie. Nadia has such a soothing voice and mannerisms. I almost want to be her and wish I could come across as chilled as she does. So I'm going to also try meditating regularly to get my Zen.


I've started fitting into a smaller size in clothes and it's such a buzz buying new things. I've also started to take more care of myself and treating myself to new nails every couple of weeks, here's the latest offering, a lovely spring colour.


Music has always been my thing but since having children I've not had time to indulge. In the car we have to listen to frozen soundtrack still so it was great whilst decorating our bedroom (I'm Chief Painter) that I listened to Taylor Swifts latest album (don't judge me), I really like how upbeat poppy she is ... If that's even a genre!


Mostly this week we've been making a mess of the house. Half term is all encompassing and what with working too, it all got a bit hectic. But I did manage to make some hummus which was so simple and Slimming World friendly, it was so nice that I won't go back to shop stuff again.

And lastly

In two weeks time I'll be the proud owner of a four year old and then a month later my little man will be one. How on earth did that happen and who let them grow up! I'd better get a move on and start arranging their parties.

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