25 Feb 2015

More Veg Please

So now we are at the stage where the boy will eat veg. He has a real passion for peas, his podgy little fingers hone in on them, he rummages through the other vegetables and puts his pincer action into effect.

Carrots on the other hand he carelessly lobs over the edge of his white high chair tray without a care in the world. I can't get a bit of carrot in him, I don't know why!

This is all rather reminiscent of his sister but she was a little less discerning at ten months old. She also loved peas but would eat almost all other veg once the peas had been hoovered up.

But how, oh how??, do I get my threenager to eat ANY vegetables. Seriously she can spot them from miles away and deems them worse than poison. If I threaten, cajole and plead, I still can't get her to even lick the ruddy things. Will this result in rickets, the most I get in her is a multi vitamin occasional (and those are the jelly sweet variety).

I've tried hiding veg but seeing as she won't eat sauces (so tomato based sauces), she doesn't like pizza (I know, freak!), and can't stand melted cheese (can't hide anything under that) what can I do?

I give her the carrot and potato waffles but I'm not sure the health benefits, she eats the fish cakes with bits of veg in (only if she doesn't spot any, if she does then it's game over and nothing on the plate gets eaten as she eyes me suspiciously for the next couple of hours.

I still put vegetables on her plate, sometimes she can ignore them and other times it encourages a full on tantrum and she cannot concentrate on the lovely food until I've removed the offending items.

Hubby and I love vegetables and eat them with almost every meal. So how can I get her to eat them again, we have tried encouragement, reward charts and peer pressure (all failed) and I'm left panicking she'll develop some sort of condition from not getting enough.

Her only saving grace is that she does like fruit and eats some with every meal. I'd like her to grow up a bit less fussy and also want to burn AK's books for showing photos of happy, smiling children with mounds of vegetables on their plates because in our house that'd induce a meltdown of epic proportions.
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