31 Mar 2015

And then they grow up...

So you go through all the sleepless nights whilst pregnant, cuddles with a newborn (more sleepless nights) and a complete change in life, body and soul. Your hormones shout at you from a corner of your mind saying "I want another" "it's time to get yourself back" "gosh aren't those kids cute" until you don't know which way to turn.

And then they grow up...

What? who said those beautiful plump, smelling like snuggles and all giggly babies could grow up? So fast too, it's like I'm in a time warp except it's going extra fast and the days, hours and weeks are whooshing past my ears...unless they are ill (or I'm ill) then time stops and the minutes drag as you wait for the next wave of illness to hit.

The once still and cute little meowing baby that only wanted to be held by you, all...day...and...all...night long, now screeches and wriggles to be set free to explore the world around them.

My boy had two momentous occasions over the past week, he learnt how to slug drag himself across the floor and to be fair I can no longer call it a slug drag as he is getting rather quick. I took a little video...

His sister features as Cinderella and he had a go at eating the rug on the way past but hey just a normal Monday in our house!

He also graduated to a forward facing, fixed car seat (which we also did a review of on the Youtube channel ages ago (shameless plugging right now I know!). He loved it and now just watches the world go by and more often than not falls asleep. At one point the kids even held hands, I know, too cute but also a little unnerving as they never do things like that! No more crying or moaning as he can't see what everyone else is doing. I feel happier that he is happier but I'm not happy as it signals another set closer to growing up.

I'm not sure how I let it happen that they are both getting older and loads of people keep saying "Oh wait until they are teenagers, then you'll feel old and worry loads" but I bet those same people had little spasms about their babies turning into little adults too - they just can't remember back that far.

Shhhh don't tell anyone but a little part of me is secretly happy about it all because I'm starting to feel like me again, I don't have any time but I have a bit more inclination to do things for me and take time to actually put makeup on etc.

It's going to be a fun ride but emotional too...


27 Mar 2015

Colouring, Video's and leopard print #littleloves

Another week has passed and again I'm reeling as to where it's gone and so quickly too, my poor little man has had an eye infection and I've been unwell with a tummy bug so not our finest week so far but we are linking up to #littleloves so please do head over to see the other wonderful weeks people have been having.


Other than blogs, I haven't really read a book but I have been colouring which is in a book, so that sort of counts doesn't it? I love these adult colouring books, the designs are so intricate and once coloured in they could be put in a frame on the wall and I went out and got myself some lovely new pencils as I could only find My Little Pony ones at home. It really is one of the simple pleasures in this world and so relaxing. My only problem is keeping it sacred for me and not having the book trashed by my over zealous four year old.


I'm addicted to 'Taking New York', its a version of TOWIE and Made In Chelsea but set in New York. I can't get enough of it and really really really want to go back to NY again. If you love a bit of America and the big apple in particular then this is the show for you because of the scenery.


With the lovely weather early in the week I broke out the leopard but it seems it was short lived but it makes me so excited for spring and all that comes with it. Hoping for the hot Easter holidays they were promising but not sure that's going to happen. I've got my sunglasses at the ready and will whip these out again as quick as I can.


The Book of life came out recently and one of the songs was preformed by Us The Duo and some of their back catalogue is brilliant, I especially love this compilation that they did at the beginning of this year. Its very cleverly put together and I love listening to it.


I can't even begin to pretend we've made anything this week but I have high hopes for our Easter holidays. I've got designs on making cakes and filling our days with stickers and fun. We did however make this sweet little video about my boys pea addiction, he would eat peas all day long if he could.

And Lastly...

Bubba is very excited about having an Easter egg hunt next week and getting lots of chocolate to eat. I'm excited about going out dress shopping as hubby and I are going off to meet the Queen (well going to one of her garden parties) in May so I've got to find something sooner rather than later...


25 Mar 2015

Five Things: Kid Things That Cost Too Much

Obviously with children EVERYTHING costs too much money! Just stick the word 'child' in front of your product and you can charge at least double! Looking around our house the following things are my biggest drains on my purse

1) Tiny Figurines 
My life has become a sea of small plastic ponies, princesses and moshlings. They are the size of a thimble but cost the blinking earth to buy. I've estimated we have hundreds of pounds invested in these under foot monsters. Clearly you never have the full set because they need to keep making new versions! They also kill when you stand on them.

2) Bath stuff
Seriously these things have a short shelf life and see the light of day only once a day (if lucky). So why are baby baths, products and plastic toys more expensive than my coffee shop addiction? I managed to convince myself that I needed a baby bath that was £30, yes that's right £30! On top of that it was a bath I could only use up until the boy was 6 months old. We used it and it did come in handy but i'm unsure as to why it cost so much money for a bath.

3) Children's Magazines
I have a serious magazine habit and over the years have seen rise on rise each year for my favourites. I justify the cost because in moments of calm I pour over them and go back again and again to flick through the glossy pages and enjoy the escape it affords me. I will rip bits out before I throw them away to keep and use the information or keep to ready again. My girl, on the other hand, rushes at the ones with the most plastic tat taped on the front. She has my magazine habit but hers groan under the weight of the plastic bits that are a choking hazard, the content is often laughable and my child looks at it for a nanosecond before casting it aside. They tend to cost more than my glossy alternatives and the only concession is her beloved Moshi Monster magazine that she reads every night before bedtime and can be heard squealing with delight when she realises that a new edition is in the shops.

4) Baby biscuits, cereal and milk
They look like normal digestives, they taste like digestives (ok I get desperate sometimes for biscuits) but they are twice the price of normal biscuits. It's the same for cereal and don't even get me started on formula milk. Such inflated prices and you can bet they all have far more sugar and salt than the adult comparison

5) Disney DVD's
My girl has started her journey on the disney express and has started to actually sitting still long enough to watch a dvd. Half term saw her introduced to my favourite, Beauty and the Beast and it was love at first sight for her. It was an old copy that I got when the film was released but to buy it new we would be looking at spending £15. Lots of shops have a buy one, get one free offer on but still it's way over inflated. I know they are popular and a new audience is introduced to them each day but it still seems extortionate when you have a screaming child demanding to buy it as they really love Lady & the Tramp. In the words of my daugher, Disney "you are ruining my life!"

23 Mar 2015

Panasonic DMCSZ8 LUMIX camera review

So in an effort to take better pictures for the blog I decided the only way to do this would be to buy a better camera as I'm relying on my iPhone at the moment.

In true novice fashion I went ahead and saw a little camera that looked nice and so got myself a Panasonic lumix, mainly because it was a small compact camera that would fit in my bag and I could also record video onto it. I have the Panasonic DMCSZ8 which has a super zoom feature.

The truth is that a camera may give you clear images but these probably don't differ much from the iPhone's camera (only difference is the super zoom). Every photographer knows that the actual camera is only half the story, you also need an eye for a good photo, to take your time and more importantly, know a good editing package. I should know seeing as my dad is a photographer and I work for him selling photographic studio equipment. I know right! Makes my shabby images on here all the more embarrassing. I'm fully aware of the need for good lighting and the like.

Anyway I digress, so back to the camera, well so far all I can say is I love it. I'd read reviews that the shutter speed was slow and recovery between shots left a lot to be desired. I'm guessing if you know your cameras or you are used to a big boy camera then this may be an issue but for a point and shoot girl like me, it's hard to tell. 

It's sleek and portable which are my two biggest wants, the wifi connection is simple and uploads quickly onto my phone and iPad. Images are crystal clear too.

Here are two shots taken first with my phone....

This is the camera shot (it's also worth admitting this picture was taken by my dad who is a photographer). It's not as fuzzy as the iphone image above but that could be my camera shake rather than the phone's ability.

It's a great camera to send pictures directly from the camera to your phone and I use this all the time now for uploading onto Instagram or Facebook. You can also remotely control the camera from your phone which is another niffty feature.

I now take it everywhere and it may not have necessarily made my images better it has improved my thought process and I find I don't just take a picture, I've started to set up a photo and use a mini tripod so watch out for the photo's to get better.

19 Mar 2015

She Held Him

In the middle of the night when my boy is resolutely awake and will only settle on me, I begin to feel emotional. I read an article a while back in the Huffington Post that touched me and I always think about it at my lowest ebb because it's very true. It was '10 Things Your Mom Never Told You'

"She carried you a lot longer than nine months. You needed her to. So she did. She would learn to hold you while she cleaned; she would learn to hold you while she ate; she would even hold you while she slept, because it was the only way she could sometimes. Her arms would get tired, her back would hurt, but she held you still because you wanted to be close to her. She snuggled you, loved you, kissed you and played with you. You felt safe in her arms; you were happy in her arms; you knew you were loved in her arms, so she held you, as often and as long as you needed."

The whole article is very true and makes me nod my head in agreement, It's a very bitter sweet experience as part of me is relieved he is the last little one to disrupt my sleep. The rest of me is devastated that he is my last baby and the fact he is growing up so quickly terrifies me. I want to be able to hold a baby forever and it's that feeling of cradling a tiny baby that's addictive.

My body hasn't explained to my hormones that I just wouldn't cope well with another baby. My body is fast approaching 40 and another pregnancy would be far from easy, the last one had me swelling up all over the place and having a bit of prenatal depression. The lack of space at home makes it impractical and financially we wouldn't manage so all signs lead to us stopping at two. But still I am broody, even though my boy is not yet one and still causes disrupted sleep. It feels a cruel irony that I didn't find the man and have babies earlier in my life, I wish I was younger and could cope better as I'd definitely go for another.

This week my boy almost crawled (he rolls and sits himself up but no crawl yet) and then last night he started clapping for the first time. I cried like a silly girl because I suddenly realised that this is it, my boy is growing up fast and it may be the last time I watch the miracle of a baby finding their feet for the first time.

I want him to grow up but I really don't want him to grow up - I know I keep going on about this but I can't put into words how distraught I feel about it. My heart bursts and feels crushed all at the same time that my baby is less of a baby every day.

Sorry this is a rather rambling brain dump!


17 Mar 2015

Our Review: Milton Mini Portable Steriliser

My boy loves to throw things and usually his dummy is the first thing to go, I do carry a second one but that often also gets lobbed out of the buggy or lost in the car seat somewhere. So when we got the chance to review the Milton Mini Portable Steriliser I jumped at it because although I had got my friend one of these when she had her baby, I was still in need of a back up plan.

To show it in its full glory, I made a short video and hope it's helpful. I would definitely recommend this steriliser and you can buy it in most supermarket or baby shops. Replacement tablets are also easy to get hold of.

From the minute we got it, I loved it and couldn't believe I'd gone so long without it, the kids too were also fairly enamoured by it, Bubba asked if it was a space ship and the boy tried to get hold of it (only the empty container I might add).

*We were sent a mini steriliser to road test, all views are my own

16 Mar 2015

Raising a Man

I had no trouble adjusting to raising a girl, I am one after all! So things came naturally, I didn't have to think as to whether she was turning into a mini me, I positively encouraged it. She has lots of her own qualities and is much more like her daddy, slightly 'let's have a go' courageous and very brave. The mini me is yet to appear although mummy is the first person she wants.

But a boy, well that's different, he's supposed to not be a wimp, soft or show any weakness. I'm obviously not adhering to this because whoever he becomes, he will be lovely. I can feel the pressure though of turning him into a 'proper boy' who likes football, rough and tumble and the like. 

At the moment he loves dolly's, anything soft and cuddly and best of all his mummies cuddles. My girl is less girly in these areas, she doesn't like dolls or anything particularly girly (she's just started to like Disney princesses) and is just as happy getting muddy and dirty in the garden. She's happy to cuddle but on her own terms, she's just as likely to push you off if she doesn't want a cuddle.

He is very interested in the ladies and will stop what he is doing to watch a woman walk past. A total flirt in the making and I found it rather disconcerting to start with but now it's all rather funny.

He also finds trains, cars and anything with wheels transfixing and will laugh if a toy car is driven around him. It's weird as we don't have any toys that are different to what Bubba had but his interests are clearly different (and yet she wasn't and isn't a particularly girly girl).

He finds his own bodily functions fairly hilarious as well and has been known to giggle when he burps or makes himself gag. He can make a real mess in minutes and I can't quite believe I can sit him down with a biscuit and within seconds it's smeared in his hair, on his leg, over me and embedded into the carpet. I have to wash his clothes every day and I know that's common with any baby, his really are very grubby and often he is too!

He isn't shy about pushing his big sister away if she gets too close and crowds his space and he is also showing a keen sense of ownership, usually these spats centre around who is on my lap and who wants to get on. He will take swipes at Bubba if she tries to sit on my lap whilst he is there and can get very cross.

But the boy is going to be a mummy's boy and I can't wait. 


13 Mar 2015

Birthdays, Skinny Jeans and Disney #Littleloves

Another week and another delve into our #Littleloves



I'm such a Instagram sheep and I saw someone had got a book called '365 Blog topic Ideas: For the Lifestyle blogger' I wasn't sure what to expect but it literally has an idea on each page and nothing else. It's great to flick through and if you are stuck it allows you to instantly find something you could blog about or think about to get your creative juices working again.



I think for the first time ever (although I do remember some scenes so perhaps I have watched it before) we watched Sleeping Beauty with my girl. She loved every minute of it and it made a wonderful cosy Sunday afternoons watching, it gives me hope for the future of more lazy afternoons in front of a good film.

It's also great to get outside in the brilliant weather we've been having and to watch spring arrive, nothing better than letting bubba run wild in the park and to see all the flowers starting to pop up as confirmation that the days are getting better.


Size 12 skinny jeans!!! I haven't been in jeans so small in many years and I keep checking myself out in any mirror that I can. I have, after eight months, lost a total of 2 1/2 stone (35lbs) on Slimming World and it's something I didn't think I would or could do with such ease. Now I've got the daunting task of trying to maintain the weight loss which won't be so easy with Easter just around the corner.


The wonderful Red nose day song from Sam Smith and John Legend which I downloaded straight away on my phone. It's lovely (and I'm not a huge Sam Smith fan).



My little girl turned four and we had a lovely party with my best pals and their little ones, we decorated cakes, had party food and it was all rather cute (if not a little mental at times). This was followed by a family gathering at the weekend. She loved turning four and all that comes with it and we made a cute little video about her likes and dislikes and I'm hoping to do one every year so we can see how she changes.

And lastly...

I'm off to a Mac make up tutorial tomorrow so will have lots of exciting things to share and probably loads of new make up next week. It's my early treat for mothers day (even though I booked it myself) and I'm rather excited to be going up London on a Saturday, kids free!


11 Mar 2015

Wicked Wednesday

We've joined in with Wicked Wednesday, please pop over to see more brilliant photo's


9 Mar 2015

Childbirth is the easy bit...

Yes I know, childbirth is painful and sometimes long! I, with both my babies, had long and painful days of early labour and then in established labour for six hours. With my second baby I had complications afterwards that could have been very hairy scary.

But still...I think it was the easy bit.

I hadn't thought beyond actually having the baby and the sleepless nights for the first year. I didn't really factor in that the small bundle of soft squidgy loveliness  would turn into a child, then small adult and then would leave me as a fully fledged woman. It hadn't occurred to me that she would (or could) answer me back and roll her eyes at me (which she totally does) as if I was the most stupid person in the world. I didn't think that at four she would still wake me up at night or not eat food I'd cooked. Or that she would grow up!

This, right now, is terrifying and the fact I can't control time and stop the years rushing past us gives me panic attacks. My baby is a few days away from being four. How the hell did that happen!

I want to bottle the feeling of her small arms around my neck, the way she smiles at me and the fact that I'm still (just) the most important person in the world to her.

We are on borrowed time as come September she will be in school full time. I can hardly believe it, I'm trying to plan things for us to do and I'm increasingly become a soft parent thinking to myself "oh well, soon she won't want me there" when she grabs my hand or climbs all over me.

I don't want her to grow up but equally I can't wait to see the beautiful woman she will become. She is my biggest learning curve, she changed my body and mind beyond recognition and is still to date my greatest achievement. She teaches me new things every day whether that's being a bit more patient or how to do things better next time.

She is beyond amazing and for me, better than chips (and believe me most days I would eat my own arm off to get chips!)

7 Mar 2015

Our First Vlog! Thoughts At Four

My girl turns four next week and I thought it would be funny to start recording her each year just before her birthday to see how she has changed.

Here is our first attempt...


Make me beautiful

So have you heard the buzz around Be Younique 3D lash mascara yet?

It's all about adding volume and boy does this system deliver. In your little case you get two wands: a mascara and the fibre wand which is the magic adding volume bit. At first it was a bit fiddly using one and then the other and then back to the first but as you get more used to it, the easier it gets.

I won't put pictures up of my eyes because they freak me out a bit but if you goggle this product then you will see loads of images and videos showing how to apply and the amazing results.

Retailing at £23 it's not the cheapest of mascara a but it's a good priced within its market for what it does. It really does give some impressive lashes and I'm not usually one for wearing mascara but this is brilliant and something I wear on a night out.

My friend also sent me a sample of the facial oil (I'm slightly worried she is trying to tell me something!). I'm lucky that I haven't really got eye wrinkles yet but what I do have is a cross line on my forehead from to much frowning (or not enough glasses wearing kinda squint).

I was assured it would work just as well on this. The oil glides on nicely and you really don't need too much. If you aren't used to oils, don't be scared, it really isn't greasy.
It hasn't got rid of my frown line (it's deep so not sure much would) but I think it's made it look a bit softer around the edges so I'm going to keep using it to see how much better it can get.

If you fancy the mascara or the uplift serum then you can find all the information at Be Younique with Gill

4 Mar 2015

Wicked Wednesday

Don't Touch My Dinner...

Oh I've been caught and I'm still holding on.

I've linked up with Brunmy Mummy of 2's wicked Wednesday


1 Mar 2015

Discipline, bags and bedrooms #Littleloves

Another week and this time we got a few nights of proper sleep which makes all the difference but it didn't last for long and we are back in teething hell.


I'm dipping in and out of this book at the moment.

I spend more and more time shouting or using idle threats on my girl and increasingly it works less and less. So I'm trying a different approach and although this sounds all a bit new age, this book makes sense. It's all about asking what you are trying to teach rather than going on autopilot and reacting as you always do (shouting) and getting the same results (she doesn't listen and repeats naughty behaviour). It's understanding why the are doing what they are doing and how we can listen, teach and move on without drama. I must admit so far it's working for us (not all the time) when I remember to use the principles.



We haven't watched much that's outstanding really. Bubba was introduced to Beauty and The Beast and so now we watch it over and over and over. At least three times a day and she acts out the scenes and I sometimes have to be beast or Gaston or Belle's dad. So it's a fully interactive experience all round.



I've had to buy myself a new day bag as the amount of things the kids want or need. At eleven months my boy doesn't need a dedicated change bag so I'm hoping a nappy and wipes in my bag (as well as taking out a food bag because the boy can eat!) I should be set.


I may be a bit late to this party but I love this song. It makes me want to go out 'out' and dance until the early hours and considering we average four hours a night of sleep with the littles, that's saying something!


Our house is a real work in progress with every room stuck in the 1980's with a healthy dose of around 1978 thrown in. So far the children's rooms have had a make over and we finally finished our room by putting up pictures and I made up the fab light. I'm so in love with how calm and inviting it now feels and would now just like to spend time asleep in there (the kids aren't fans of sleep at the moment so we spend a lot of time in their rooms).

And lastly...

I got myself a gorgeous new camera this week and I'm already in love, so hopefully once I get a handle on how it all works I should be able to start uploading better pictures on the blog.

  I'm joining in this weeks #Littleloves

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