27 Mar 2015

Colouring, Video's and leopard print #littleloves

Another week has passed and again I'm reeling as to where it's gone and so quickly too, my poor little man has had an eye infection and I've been unwell with a tummy bug so not our finest week so far but we are linking up to #littleloves so please do head over to see the other wonderful weeks people have been having.


Other than blogs, I haven't really read a book but I have been colouring which is in a book, so that sort of counts doesn't it? I love these adult colouring books, the designs are so intricate and once coloured in they could be put in a frame on the wall and I went out and got myself some lovely new pencils as I could only find My Little Pony ones at home. It really is one of the simple pleasures in this world and so relaxing. My only problem is keeping it sacred for me and not having the book trashed by my over zealous four year old.


I'm addicted to 'Taking New York', its a version of TOWIE and Made In Chelsea but set in New York. I can't get enough of it and really really really want to go back to NY again. If you love a bit of America and the big apple in particular then this is the show for you because of the scenery.


With the lovely weather early in the week I broke out the leopard but it seems it was short lived but it makes me so excited for spring and all that comes with it. Hoping for the hot Easter holidays they were promising but not sure that's going to happen. I've got my sunglasses at the ready and will whip these out again as quick as I can.


The Book of life came out recently and one of the songs was preformed by Us The Duo and some of their back catalogue is brilliant, I especially love this compilation that they did at the beginning of this year. Its very cleverly put together and I love listening to it.


I can't even begin to pretend we've made anything this week but I have high hopes for our Easter holidays. I've got designs on making cakes and filling our days with stickers and fun. We did however make this sweet little video about my boys pea addiction, he would eat peas all day long if he could.

And Lastly...

Bubba is very excited about having an Easter egg hunt next week and getting lots of chocolate to eat. I'm excited about going out dress shopping as hubby and I are going off to meet the Queen (well going to one of her garden parties) in May so I've got to find something sooner rather than later...



  1. You are the only other person I know that is watching Taking New York! I am so addicted to it and am really enjoying it.. I really hope the pick up another season! I saw those adult colouring books the other day and was tempted to buy one, the hubs just looked at me with a "are you serious?" face! I will get one though they look fun! Popping over from the #littlelove linky, have a wonderful weekend xx

    1. Hurrah another TNY addict, I can't believe its the end of the series already. You must get one of the colouring books, it's so therapeutic.

  2. That colouring book sounds pretty cool, it's such a therapeutic activity. And what a little cutie eating his peas! All the best finding an outfit for your garden party, that should be exciting :) xx

    1. Thanks, yes I haven't got a fancy outfit for ages, I can't wait.

  3. Loving the Leopard print shoes! I'm looking for something similar for spring. They go with everything don't they? I've also got one of those colouring books. So therapeutic! Happy colouring! #littleloves

    1. Thanks, they are a New Look special. I do love a bit of colouring and you are right, it is very therapeutic.

  4. That woman in that video is far too pretty! I've never heard of them before. I like colouring in but it's definitely not the same colouring in a Peppa Pig magazine with chunky crayons! I'll have to get an adult colouring book for me.

    1. I know! and her voice is so good, some people get all the talents. I tried colouring with my daughters pens and that gave me no joy so I got a set of my own. Wonder how long they will stay mine though!


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