1 Mar 2015

Discipline, bags and bedrooms #Littleloves

Another week and this time we got a few nights of proper sleep which makes all the difference but it didn't last for long and we are back in teething hell.


I'm dipping in and out of this book at the moment.

I spend more and more time shouting or using idle threats on my girl and increasingly it works less and less. So I'm trying a different approach and although this sounds all a bit new age, this book makes sense. It's all about asking what you are trying to teach rather than going on autopilot and reacting as you always do (shouting) and getting the same results (she doesn't listen and repeats naughty behaviour). It's understanding why the are doing what they are doing and how we can listen, teach and move on without drama. I must admit so far it's working for us (not all the time) when I remember to use the principles.



We haven't watched much that's outstanding really. Bubba was introduced to Beauty and The Beast and so now we watch it over and over and over. At least three times a day and she acts out the scenes and I sometimes have to be beast or Gaston or Belle's dad. So it's a fully interactive experience all round.



I've had to buy myself a new day bag as the amount of things the kids want or need. At eleven months my boy doesn't need a dedicated change bag so I'm hoping a nappy and wipes in my bag (as well as taking out a food bag because the boy can eat!) I should be set.


I may be a bit late to this party but I love this song. It makes me want to go out 'out' and dance until the early hours and considering we average four hours a night of sleep with the littles, that's saying something!


Our house is a real work in progress with every room stuck in the 1980's with a healthy dose of around 1978 thrown in. So far the children's rooms have had a make over and we finally finished our room by putting up pictures and I made up the fab light. I'm so in love with how calm and inviting it now feels and would now just like to spend time asleep in there (the kids aren't fans of sleep at the moment so we spend a lot of time in their rooms).

And lastly...

I got myself a gorgeous new camera this week and I'm already in love, so hopefully once I get a handle on how it all works I should be able to start uploading better pictures on the blog.

  I'm joining in this weeks #Littleloves

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