25 Mar 2015

Five Things: Kid Things That Cost Too Much

Obviously with children EVERYTHING costs too much money! Just stick the word 'child' in front of your product and you can charge at least double! Looking around our house the following things are my biggest drains on my purse

1) Tiny Figurines 
My life has become a sea of small plastic ponies, princesses and moshlings. They are the size of a thimble but cost the blinking earth to buy. I've estimated we have hundreds of pounds invested in these under foot monsters. Clearly you never have the full set because they need to keep making new versions! They also kill when you stand on them.

2) Bath stuff
Seriously these things have a short shelf life and see the light of day only once a day (if lucky). So why are baby baths, products and plastic toys more expensive than my coffee shop addiction? I managed to convince myself that I needed a baby bath that was £30, yes that's right £30! On top of that it was a bath I could only use up until the boy was 6 months old. We used it and it did come in handy but i'm unsure as to why it cost so much money for a bath.

3) Children's Magazines
I have a serious magazine habit and over the years have seen rise on rise each year for my favourites. I justify the cost because in moments of calm I pour over them and go back again and again to flick through the glossy pages and enjoy the escape it affords me. I will rip bits out before I throw them away to keep and use the information or keep to ready again. My girl, on the other hand, rushes at the ones with the most plastic tat taped on the front. She has my magazine habit but hers groan under the weight of the plastic bits that are a choking hazard, the content is often laughable and my child looks at it for a nanosecond before casting it aside. They tend to cost more than my glossy alternatives and the only concession is her beloved Moshi Monster magazine that she reads every night before bedtime and can be heard squealing with delight when she realises that a new edition is in the shops.

4) Baby biscuits, cereal and milk
They look like normal digestives, they taste like digestives (ok I get desperate sometimes for biscuits) but they are twice the price of normal biscuits. It's the same for cereal and don't even get me started on formula milk. Such inflated prices and you can bet they all have far more sugar and salt than the adult comparison

5) Disney DVD's
My girl has started her journey on the disney express and has started to actually sitting still long enough to watch a dvd. Half term saw her introduced to my favourite, Beauty and the Beast and it was love at first sight for her. It was an old copy that I got when the film was released but to buy it new we would be looking at spending £15. Lots of shops have a buy one, get one free offer on but still it's way over inflated. I know they are popular and a new audience is introduced to them each day but it still seems extortionate when you have a screaming child demanding to buy it as they really love Lady & the Tramp. In the words of my daugher, Disney "you are ruining my life!"
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