17 Mar 2015

Our Review: Milton Mini Portable Steriliser

My boy loves to throw things and usually his dummy is the first thing to go, I do carry a second one but that often also gets lobbed out of the buggy or lost in the car seat somewhere. So when we got the chance to review the Milton Mini Portable Steriliser I jumped at it because although I had got my friend one of these when she had her baby, I was still in need of a back up plan.

To show it in its full glory, I made a short video and hope it's helpful. I would definitely recommend this steriliser and you can buy it in most supermarket or baby shops. Replacement tablets are also easy to get hold of.

From the minute we got it, I loved it and couldn't believe I'd gone so long without it, the kids too were also fairly enamoured by it, Bubba asked if it was a space ship and the boy tried to get hold of it (only the empty container I might add).

*We were sent a mini steriliser to road test, all views are my own
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