16 Mar 2015

Raising a Man

I had no trouble adjusting to raising a girl, I am one after all! So things came naturally, I didn't have to think as to whether she was turning into a mini me, I positively encouraged it. She has lots of her own qualities and is much more like her daddy, slightly 'let's have a go' courageous and very brave. The mini me is yet to appear although mummy is the first person she wants.

But a boy, well that's different, he's supposed to not be a wimp, soft or show any weakness. I'm obviously not adhering to this because whoever he becomes, he will be lovely. I can feel the pressure though of turning him into a 'proper boy' who likes football, rough and tumble and the like. 

At the moment he loves dolly's, anything soft and cuddly and best of all his mummies cuddles. My girl is less girly in these areas, she doesn't like dolls or anything particularly girly (she's just started to like Disney princesses) and is just as happy getting muddy and dirty in the garden. She's happy to cuddle but on her own terms, she's just as likely to push you off if she doesn't want a cuddle.

He is very interested in the ladies and will stop what he is doing to watch a woman walk past. A total flirt in the making and I found it rather disconcerting to start with but now it's all rather funny.

He also finds trains, cars and anything with wheels transfixing and will laugh if a toy car is driven around him. It's weird as we don't have any toys that are different to what Bubba had but his interests are clearly different (and yet she wasn't and isn't a particularly girly girl).

He finds his own bodily functions fairly hilarious as well and has been known to giggle when he burps or makes himself gag. He can make a real mess in minutes and I can't quite believe I can sit him down with a biscuit and within seconds it's smeared in his hair, on his leg, over me and embedded into the carpet. I have to wash his clothes every day and I know that's common with any baby, his really are very grubby and often he is too!

He isn't shy about pushing his big sister away if she gets too close and crowds his space and he is also showing a keen sense of ownership, usually these spats centre around who is on my lap and who wants to get on. He will take swipes at Bubba if she tries to sit on my lap whilst he is there and can get very cross.

But the boy is going to be a mummy's boy and I can't wait. 

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