8 Apr 2015

A Day that was all about the Cake...

This time last year I was heavily pregnant and cake featured very much in my day to day, this year I wanted to keep that tradition going and relished the idea of a family Easter get together because it would involve coffee and cake, lots of cake. Lets face it everything is better with cakes...

Bubba is a confirmed cake lover too already (hubby not so much, chocolate is more his thing, so it was handy that it was also Easter. The boy isn't really fussy about what he eats).  So when I got offered some cakes from Mr Kipling to share our moments that are better with cake, I jumped at the chance  and knew exactly where we would take our cakes. My mum and dad hosted a little get together to celebrate Easter at their house.

I must admit at this point that we didn't take all our cakes as I'm saving some for my boys first birthday celebrations in a week or so and I'll blog about that when it happens (and show you more pictures of gorgeous cakes). We had also tucked into a few before we left home, you know to test them out and all that! My faves are Cherry Bakewells but Bubba went for the French Fancies and the swirls go well with a nice cuppa...honest I didn't try one of each and forget to take pictures! So here is a quick one I managed to snap whilst Bubba was having a rest from being Cinders.

My family love getting together and seeing as it was half term, Easter and a bank holiday all our stars were aligned and off we trotted to my mums house.

I love the sound of my girl enjoying herself with her bigger cousins and the squeals of delight as they run around. This day was no exception and as the three girls giggled their way around trying to find all the small plastic eggs that my mum had hidden in the garden my heart swelled. Then it was left to us adults to try and hunt out the last (missing) egg that my mum couldn't remember where she'd hidden it and the kids had got bored of looking for it..it's still missing in the garden.

My dad was in the kitchen making coffee for everyone and he takes his job as barrista very seriously and makes a mean coffee which is much needed after another night of wake ups from the kids.

My mum, as you can see from my little video, did indeed put on a brilliant spread and my Slimming World plan was off the scale but who cares, the treat is worth it. My sister in law and I often just stay and hover around where the food is whilst we catch up and it's the one of the simple pleasures in life, just picking at food, so I managed to sample quite a lot of stuff.

My brother was showing hubby and my dad videos of his latest skiing trip where they went off piste which all looked a bit risky to me and my mum was making sure everyone was happy. It was a perfect day for us and a time I look forward to each year and as Bubba gets bigger and my little man can run around after them it should become even more fun.

My boy passed out once we were back in the car on the way home and Bubba was complaining she too felt tired and tried to go to sleep but I think she was on such a sugar high that it made it impossible. That is always the sign of a good day when the kids are happy but exhausted.

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