20 Apr 2015

Children love Fish Fingers

It's official! Well in our house it is anyway, I usually serve fish fingers on a week night (or as a treat on a Saturday lunchtime...wild I know!) and until recently it was only Bubba eating them. Cub has moved on to 'real' food now and will eat practically anything you put in front of him if he is feeling well.

When we heard about the new range of Birds Eye Wholegrain Fish fingers I was straight on the case and it was fish fingers all round. If you are confused as to what wholegrain is and tastes like then my hubby's appraisal of them should sort you out "they taste like fish fingers in brown bread" and that people is high praise indeed. The breadcrumbs have no artificial colours or preservatives which is reassuring as a busy mum who needs food on the go.

The kids love them and devour them without complaint - bubba's only problem is usually what I serve with her food, the vegetables get her all in a tizzy. The fish fingers always get the thumbs up and if you ask her on any given day what she wants for dinner it'll be fish fingers (even if she had them the night before).

I made a small video to show what meal times are like for us and it's only on watching it back that I managed to get the exercise bike a starring role and show off all our half ripped off wallpaper (we are in the midst of decorating).

My boy almost inhaled the whole lot - he was given two fish fingers and they didn't really touch the sides, after I finished the video I got him out of his high chair and we sat next to Bubba who was yet to finish hers and he lunged several times to reach her food.

I like the fact that they aren't that bright orange colour that you get from some varieties and the fish is a lovely white colour and no brown bits (again my girl is put off by them and refuses any more if she sees that). I couldn't believe that 18 Birds Eye fish fingers are served every second - my family are probably helping this number rise each week.

We served our fish fingers with peas and a mix of sweet potato and white potatoes cut into cubes (the kids had to be convinced to eat them!). We love them and I've already recommended them to my best friend as her daughter only likes 'real fish' and I thought these were perfect.

We were kindly sent some vouchers to try the wholegrain fishfingers but I've been back several times to purchase more as our family love them and 12 just aren't always enough.

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