13 Apr 2015

Crawling and schooling

This week is shaping up to be fairly momentous for our little family. At the weekend, my boy learnt to crawl properly and it just sort of happened. He went from slug dragging himself around to crawling and I posted a cute little video over on the BubbaBabble Facebook page. I sound a bit shrill and we are luring him to use using a coat hanger but hey...it worked. Now he follows me everywhere and shouts at me when he gets stuck, it's already a nightmare in the kitchen as he opens every available draw (we have loads) and empties them all methodically. The baby gates are already being used and it's weird going back to that situation again where we are all penned in to a room.

On Wednesday this week he turns one which I can't quite believe myself. He'll also get moved up a room at nursery which fills me with dread, it's a sure sign he's becoming a little man. We are having a family party at the weekend but not really doing much to celebrate on the day, he will be at nursery as usual and I'll be at work but afterwards I'm sure we'll go and eat cake somewhere. I feel like I want to stop time now, everything that happens I try and mentally remember it and that's why I've also started to video what we get up to over at The Bubbababble as otherwise my memory banks can't store it all and I fear I'll stop remembering the little details.

We switched from powdered milk to full fat pour from the fridge stuff. It's liberating to not have to mix up that awful sweet stuff anymore and to stop sterilizing all his bottles. He took to the changes really well, in fact he didn't even notice. He has a couple of breakfasts now and will pack away more food than Bubba, I guess all that movement is making him hungry.

Then on Thursday we find out what school Bubba will go to come September. I'm very nervous but unsure why as she's already at a school nursery and loves the whole idea of school. I just hope we get the school she's in as its lovely and we can walk to it easily. Again I guess my main problem is that it signifies she is growing up which I should be really happy about but I can't help think of all the negatives right now (trust me there aren't many of those and mostly they are made up and not really important). I will probably cry on Thursday regardless of the outcome and I will need wine, copious amounts of wine just to get me through.

Who said my kids could grow up and so fast as well!!!

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