28 Mar 2016

Easy Meals: Frozen Chocolate Bananas

A blast from last year, we will be making them again this week.

We love chocolate in our house (well hubby and Bubba more than me...savoury is more my thing) and we love banana's so when I saw a recipe that combined the two, I thought it would be a great thing to get Bubba involved with.

First I froze some bananas (ours stayed in the freezer overnight but you only need about three hours if you just can't wait).

Next I crumbled up some bunnies and melted their chocolate (I know...cruel eh!). My picture shows white chocolate but I'm saving that now for some rice crispy mice instead so I used some of the Easter Egg stash.

Bubba then dipped the banana's in the cooled chocolate, added sprinkles and more choc swirls - this bit you need to be slightly quick about because the chocolate freezes fast

Then we popped them back in the freezer for ten minutes.

I then ate two straight off, part of Bubba's left over one (once she realised it was banana and not ice cream).

Honestly I couldn't leave them alone and they were so easy to make. I'm definitely making more this weekend.

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