24 Apr 2015

I'm that mum


Takes pictures before sorting out a situation, well I take several pictures to get the right angle and how am I supposed to remember the funny things they do otherwise.

Goes out of the house looking like a bomb went off in my hair and no make up. Honestly I salute mums who can get make up on and leave the house on time...I fail every time.

Hides in the kitchen scoffing crisps just so I don't have to share them with two little 'helpers'. What! Don't tell me you don't do that

Says "Because mummy said so" and "No" and "Sshhhhh" about a hundred times an hour, nobody listens and I still get questioned (or interrogated) by a four year old.

Worries endlessly about everything that I can control and mostly about stuff I can't control

Gives up her last piece of toast to her babies although I'm still starving and they've both eaten a huge breakfast

Can't wait to see the people they become yet don't want them to grow up...ever!

Is proud no matter what my children do, first wee in a potty - yep find me the phone, I need to tell the world

Feels a bit lost sometimes, I love being a mum but I often forget who I am.

Understands when I see other mums looking worn down over a tantrum their toddler is having in the supermarket

Doesn't want to miss a minute of their little lives, seriously I can't stop looking at them

Is emotionally compromised by teatime and is clock watching for bedtime

Crawls around on all fours pretending to be a horse, dog, lion...whatever animal has been chosen

Feels immense relief when 7.30pm rolls around and both babies are asleep in bed, only then I can look at them sleeping and think 'ah what angels I have'

Can't imagine a time when I won't see or speak to the little ones every day, I still won't leave my mum alone after thirty odd years.

Gained a new respect for my own mum, this shizzle is hard! Like really hard work!

Couldn't imagine being without the two loves, the good days, bad days and those that you wished you'd stayed in bed for.

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