29 Apr 2015

Preschool Games to Play

My girl loves to talk, she will babble on about all sorts all day long! I'm the same really and could talk about nothing (to people I know and am close to but I'm more shy when it comes to people I'm not as comfortable around). Anyway, I digress, she loves to chat...to anyone all the time. Hubby often tells me that I broke her and us girls talk to much, he's much more the silent type.

So this is a game we play all the time and it's something I've always played alone too - I often think 'if I were a rabbit, what colour would I be?' I know! I am so rock and roll sometimes.

I ask my girl questions such as "if you were a colour, what colour would you be?" or "what's your favourite game to play" or "if you were a fairy, what would your wings be like?"

I find it helps start a conversation...not that we really need help but ultimately it gets her thinking and being creative. I just love some of the answers she comes out with and I often have a good chuckle afterwards when I'm telling hubby about it.

We thought we would show you our 'What if, if you were' game.

We love it. Try it
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