8 Apr 2015

Responsibilities of a four year old

Am I making my girl grow up too quickly?

With the arrival of her baby brother, my girl has had to grow up a bit more. Recently I've been asking more of her, making her get things for me (wipes, it's always the wipes...do they move away from me of their own accord?!?), asking her to watch her brother - not for a long time but whilst I leg it upstairs (usually to get more wipes or nappies). I expect her to be good, the example to be followed by her brother, it doesn't always work out.

I get a bit cross and frustrated that she isn't towing the line all the time, if she mucks around as I'm trying to get us all in the car, if she doesn't get things quick enough for me or wanders off.

I forget that she's only just four and not a lot older, I forget that she shouldn't have to be responsible. I forget that she's still a baby.

I know it's good to stretch her and make her aware that she isn't the centre of the universe but equally is she being robbed by having a baby brother. If she was the only one then I'd indulge her whims more and muck around more but I don't.

Four is such a magical age (as all the ages are), she is starting to really indulge her very vivid imagination and it's a riot to listen to her sometimes. But I'm worried I don't listen enough, I don't get the undertones of what she is saying or I catch myself saying "Just a minute" "in a minute" "not now, later" to her many requests for me to listen, watch or join in a game and it's heartbreaking.

I don't want to miss a minute yet I find it's difficult to be in the moment all the time and give her all the attention she needs.

She's a funny, intelligent and a thoughtful girl and I hope she stays that way.
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