12 May 2015

A book review - Survival of the Ginnest

I love what blogging can do and where social media can take you, I was a lucky blogger to get the chance to review 'Survival of the Ginnest' by Aimee Horton, I already read the original book on my Kindle and loved it (and my claim to fame is that Aimee had my review quote on her business card, I even hunted her out at Britmums to tell her who I was...stalker? me? never!!!).

Now the book is out in paperback...go find Amazon right now and order it...go on...I'm waiting! I got mine delivered on a Sunday no less - good work Amazon even if you did deliver to someone down the other end of our road. It's so lovely to actually hold the book in my hand as I've watched on various social networks Aimee's book journey...please Aimee if you are reading this, I really am NOT a stalker.

Anyway back to Dottie - the brilliant and normal main character, her story is told by a series of Facebook status updates which follow her as she turns from a 20 something into a fully fledged mother. It follows her changing and learning about being a mother, it's fast paced and witty and the situations she faces are very realistic.

"Dottie Harris is having to hide her McFlurry down the side of her seat while she sneaks spoons as there is NO WAY she's sharing it."

I find this book so easy to read and I've been catching up on it as I sit on the stairs waiting for my daughter to go to sleep as she shouts at me to make sure I'm still there. I am a real social media junkie so this immediately appealed to me and I can dip in and out as my bum goes numb on the stairs. 

"Dottie Harris thinks tonight is going to have to include alcohol and naughty food of some variety. If they all make it through bath time alive, that is."

Dottie is such a likeable character and I often think she would be a brilliant friend to have and why can't she be my friend? I must admit sometimes I can't read this book because it feels too real, like when Dottie's little monster isn't sleeping or is ill...I have had to skip bits because we too are suffering similar at the time and it feels so close to what I'm going through. Other times I like to revel in Dottie's gin drinking and the fun times. I'm an incredibly hard critic when it comes to books, if I don't like it then I can't read it and once I've read a book I can't go back to it but Dottie is so easy going that I've now read it three times.

"Dottie Harris is reminding herself that her children are lovely, and she can't leave them outside, free to a good home."

I cannot wait to read more from Aimee and if you need a fun holiday book to read then this is a good one to go for, I'm going to recommend it to all the women I know.
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