14 May 2015

Awkward Children's Party Invites - An ode to my girl

Whenever we get a party invite for bubba I get excited and then my gut kicks in and I'm nervous. I'm an introvert and sometimes find certain social situations worrying. I can put on a good show but I get very anxious and find it all very stressful.

Let's face it, not many parents enjoy the thought of a noisy kids party on the weekend.

Last weekend we attended a Frozen party and my girl (dressed as Elsa) walked into a community hall filled with a sea of blue and sparkle and organza...a room full of elsa's

She only knew three other preschoolers and I only knew a few of the mothers from school by sight (no one acknowledged me). For a while the little people stood in a little gaggle together looking a bit uncertain (it was a joint party with a seven year old so lots of older girls running about). But rather than be daunted, my girl joined in once she got the hang of it and at times looked a little anxious and rather than in enjoying it she was concentrating so hard on getting all the games right.

I wasn't one of those mums chatting loudly or worse one of the drop and run posse. I watched my beautiful girl in a situation I don't often see her in. She forgot I was there (on the most part, she still occasionally looked over for reassurance).

It was magical to sit on a plastic chair in a hall and feel like I was bursting with pride at 3pm on a random Saturday. At times she looked a bit like a lost sheep (a look and feeling I know well) and I just wanted to cuddle her and tell her she's a brave girl. To those who are naturally bold or unconcerned its easy and you may scoff that it's not brave. When it doesn't come so easily it can be the hardest thing in the world to join in (& a few little ones were sitting with their mums) but my girl battled through. I felt amazed and inspired by her and so lucky that I got to spend my days (& sleepless nights) being this child's mother.  

Then queen Elsa captured her heart and all she wanted to do was hold her hand. Again I felt emotional and proud and fell a bit more in love with my little girl. I'm sure that as she gets older we will face lots of trials and tribulations but for now, she is all I could ever wish for as a daughter and I'm a very lucky mummy.
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