1 May 2015

Bad skin, motherhood and hormones

I'm no beauty blogger, I'd even say I got to the party a bit late on the whole make up and skincare vibe. In my twenties I wore make up every day and lots of it when I went out clubbing or to the pub, it has only been in the last year that I fell off the band wagon and stopped using makeup. Not having time was a big factor once I'd had cub but it was also because my skin just erupted into a hormone induced spot frenzy, so I just sort of gave up on it.

My skin has never been brilliant, I've always had spot prone skin but now I have adult acne and it can be very debilitating sometimes. I can't cover it up with make up all the time and so I try and shy away from public situations and keep my head down.

I have been using Liz Earle for over 15 years and I love the Cleanse and Polish hot cloth system but I'm not sure if my skin just got used to it or needed something more so I decided in January to try and sort my skin out this year.

I saw the La Roche-Posay starter kit in Boots and decided to invest in it, and with high hopes I started using it in early January. Being used to the creamy texture that Liz offers you (it feels like being licked by fluffy little kittens...see told you I wasn't a beauty blogger!) this felt harsh and drying on my skin. So in true Karen fashion, I tried this for about four days before I resigned it to the cupboard and went back to Liz again.

By late February, my skin was the worst its ever been and I had acne scaring and active acne on my cheeks (right one being the worst), around my chin and jaw line (hormones I hate you sometimes) and on my forehead. It was really really starting to get me down and I glanced into my cupboard and spied the 3 step system again and dug it out.

There is a Purifying foaming gel cleanser that lathers up into a frothy foam and I use my Liz hot cloth to wipe it off, my skin is left feeling a little tight. Next is the clarifying toner (which I don't use every day), last and the best in my book is the Anti-blemish cream. This is the part I never skip on and I think is my real saviour and it feels nice on my skin

I now have been using it every day for the last four weeks and my skin has got so much better, I still get spots (I hate that at almost forty I have the skin of a teenager) but my skin isn't as angry as it was and I can cover with make up more now.

I put some pictures up, they are purposely fuzzy and small and really don't show the extent of my acne but I couldn't bring myself to expose my skin for the world to see here. Top left is my skin now and I can see such a real improvement (you'll just have to take my word for it) I just can't show you close up. It's getting better and I'm going to keep using this system in the hope it helps.

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