26 May 2015

Our Essential Lifesavers for the Baby Years

First time around when you have a baby it all gets a bit confusing, there are magazine articles, lots of google searches and helpful friends forwarding on emails. All telling you what is absolutely essential for when your baby arrives and it's easy to get sucked into all the things you don't need to.

Second time around it is all a bit more of a bodge job with bits you used before, lots of make shift solutions because you know the early stages don't last long, you know your child won't break if you don't have a little top and tail bowl...cos you can, you know, just use a normal bowl (huge gasp and then the realization that yeah it's all going to be ok).

However the things we found really useful both first and second time around, things that really stood the test of time and even with cub I was thinking 'I'm so glad I have this, I seriously couldn't live with out it' are listed on the video.

It seems my love of things of the plastic variety are normally made by Munchkin but this is in no way a sponsored post...I just think they do it right. I also loved our microwave steamer and although I loathed the whole bottle and steaming process, this made it so much easier.

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