10 May 2015

Our Indoor Beach #MagicSquaresPlayDates

When I found out the challenge from Petits Filous was to Mix up the magic on playdates I thought I knew exactly what we would do.
Since the weather has been awful around these parts recently and my girl is constantly asking to go to the beach, I thought we'd mix it up and bring the beach indoors for a change.

We made a list of all the things we'd need for the beach and top of her list (surprise surprise) was ice cream. We set about making our own with the Petits Filous Magic Squares desserts. We opted for the Strawberry and vanilla flavour but they also do raspberry and vanilla. They come in jazzy little pots that we are saving to make some other craft projects (but not entirely sure what yet).

When we first opened them, Bubba was fairly mystified by the cute little squares of choice and dived right into the strawberry flavour, being careful not to disrupt the rest. Then we made some flowers to freeze and she didn't care that she was mixing the flavours and (much to my horror) filled them with wild abandonment...I tried hard to contain myself as it all slopped over the sides! We then frozen them overnight ready for our beach scene.

We had to stop for a break and to lick the lid...it has to be done

But as you can see, they turned out lovely and are a bit easy to eat - I too was scoffing these whilst the kids played. I can happily know that they (& I) are getting a fix of vitamin D and Calcium to support their bones and my healthy appetite! Note the little hand trying to drag the pot of frozen flowers away as I was taking the photo.

So back to our beach, I put the paddling pool that Bubba got for Christmas and is yet to use in the garden, in the living room. We filled it with balls and I put sheets out for the sea and sand, added a deckchair and towel to lay on and it was as if Bubba was at the beach. Cub unfortunately took it upon himself to rampage about and try and mess it up (hence why the beach and sea look a bit crumpled).

They both loved it and played happily for ages, there were squeals of delight and it was great just watching them play together and Bubba using her imagination to make the scene come to life, it really was magic.

Today we managed to get outside after partaking in another Magic Square (can you see the little person trying to take his sisters one...she actually fed him which was lovely to see them sharing).

We spent some time in the sandpit so it was our beach weekend completed and she has already asked if we can make another beach this week.


We have a few more play dates this week and I will be sure to take some with me because as well as being nice, these manage to keep the children transfixed for five minutes and hey five minutes in my world is rest enough for all of us.

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