24 May 2015

Our Weekend - Another bank holiday

I think there is something very special about the promise of a long weekend and it makes us as a family seize the day but equally be as lazy as possible. I especially love that giddy Friday night feeling where you relax, sit back and know that for the next few days it's all about the family.

We started early on Saturday, as usual, around 5.45am but at least the small people both slept up until that point. It's fairly rare still for us. Bubba spent some time practising her writing and numbers and she is very diligent in her approach, it's so cute to watch her working out how to write and sounding out letters all the time. I do hope she loves to write and read as she gets older.

By 8am I was in the garden painting our little shed green. Hubby and his friends built the shed soon after we moved in just under two years ago and I've wanted to change its colour since then. But with Cubs arrival and updating our house inside, there was always something more important to do. I've still got the back and one side to go but hopefully that's going to be done by the time you read this.
As is my usual quest at the weekend, in the afternoon we set off to find coffee (& cake) and to buy more wood stain...the reason I hadn't managed to finish the shed earlier. Bubba tried her very first babyccino and I'm not sure why I've never got one before now. She loved it and it made her feel like a big girl, she sat and kept asking if she had grown.

Saturday night was a fake away curry as we didn't want to cook but didn't want to spend out on a proper curry (& I thought it might be better on syns for me). We pigged out a bit but it was nice.

I had told Bubba that on Sunday we would go swimming as a family but what I didn't factor in was her 4am start to the day and although she was coaxed into going back to sleep, she was still up at 6am again. She told us all about 7am that we needed to go to the pool early to beat the rush. We didn't go that early!!

It was really nice although cub wasn't very happy about being there to start with and cried if I tried to put his legs into the water, he did get the idea of it in the end and we all had a great time. However for the rest of the day I felt shattered but not sure why seeing as I didn't do any real swimming, just a bit of bobbing around in the water with the boy! Cub fell asleep on the way home so we did what any self respecting family do...we stopped for a cheat meal for us all.

Sunday afternoon we did the middle clash dash to B&Q for paint (with the rest of the world it seemed) and hopefully on Monday hubby will be painting our old tired garage doors jet black. It'll make a huge difference to our curb appeal and I'm rather excited about it. Can't believe I get excited about stuff like that now!

Whilst hubby spent the rest of the afternoon prepping the doors by sanding and filling, I created a play area for the kiddies. I always remember Sunday den building with my brother being great fun when we were little and I did want to do the same with a sheet and chairs but knew cub would pull it all down by trying to constantly pull himself up so instead I got out the tent and tunnels and they played nicely for a while.

Here is our Sunday night dinner which was pizza topped chicken and SW chips...It was awesome and a great end to a fab weekend. Monday is a bit of the same for us and there will be some painting and playing and resting and laughter...it can't get better than that really.

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