4 May 2015

Our Weekend - Cinema trips, cake and the park

Since I began blogging I've never really done a post about our weekends. When I found out about this linky from Write Like No one's Watching and A Rush of Love, I thought I'd give it a go. I love reading other people's weekend posts.

Bank holidays are always quite magical, from when we were young and free and a long weekend was all about dancing, pubs and long days in bed. To now, up early and still lazy days but so much potential for fun with the kiddies and an extra day of having daddy around.

This was a very special weekend as it was the first that my girl experienced the magic of the cinema. It was also a treat as it was a girls trip out. We don't often do things just the two of us and I'm in awe at how grown up and nice she has become. I watched her go through a whole host of emotions from pure excitement to nervous as we got in the cinema and she wasn't sure what to expect.
There were a few minor hiccups of not being able to sit in the chair because it kept tipping up with her in it, to almost emptying the contents of the popcorn over the floor. But on the whole she loved it.

Back home with McDonald's for all (proper treat day) we then spent the afternoon doing our shopping (& drinking coffe in Costa) where my girl managed to fall asleep on the table and the boy who should have been asleep was wide awake.

Our new ritual that I so love because it reminds me of when I was young is watching You've Been Framed, bubba loves it and it's funny watching her watching it and giggling. I managed a quick bit of crochet. Bliss.

Sunday was another slow start and a morning at home as it was raining. It's so lovely to recharge your batteries sometimes and we are all homebody's at heart. So pj's stayed on, the kids played happily together and we generally just loafed around. The boy is teething and wasn't having a lot of fun all day so there was lots of moaning and not much sleeping from him.

I needed a cake break so we headed out after lunch. I have a favourite little cafe that we head to as their homemade cakes are the best.

After a dreary rain filled morning the sun arrived so filled with cake and coffee, we hit the nearest playground. The cub went on his first swing and loved it whilst Bubba went off and explored the slides and climbing frames which is so nice to see (& lets us have a break and watch her playing).

All in all a perfectly slow and relaxed weekend, I put together a little vlog (I'm still a bit rubbish at them but I'm trying...)

Today was all about more coffee (can you tell I'm addicted!) and family, saw my brother and his family round at my mum and dads house. A great start to a new week.
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