5 May 2015

Sudocrem care and protect - Our Review

I thought I knew all about Sudocrem because I've been using it for over four years now and nothing beats it for my babies nappy rash (& the odd spot for me). So when we got to try the Sudocrem care & protect I was expecting much of the same.

The difference in this is that it's a liquid in a squeezy bottle and right there and then I was sold. It's light and slides on the skin so easily and smells really good too. It had always been my bugbear with a pot, I hated double dipping if I'd already touched the pot, his bum and then the pot again. Now that's not even an issue. Phew (sorry for too much information there).

Also this is a little different in that the ointment is designed to provide triple protection: so it is a protective barrier to nappy rash, it also contains vitamin E and B5 to keep the skin in tip top condition. You can really feel the difference and it soaks into the skin straight away and leaves it smooth. The other big difference is that this isn't a reactionary ointment but something to use at every nappy change to provide a protective barrier. I love that it's not messy and I'm not getting cream everywhere and it's not being used only when there is already a problem.

My poor boy has suffered a lot lately with his teeth and the ongoing (it seems) teething, on bad days he has an acid bot (I know, TMI again!!!) and can have about five soiled nappies a day - so his poor little bottom can be left all red and his rash is fairly bad. We've used the ointment for over a week now and it's definitely soothing and kept his nappy area looking more normal than it has in a while.

The boy doesn't seem to mind it either and it's keeping the nappy rash at bay as well. The little tube keeps him busy and from wriggling away whilst having his nappy changed. Another bonus.

We were kindly send a sample of cream to try and we love it
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