31 May 2015

The Parent Tag...another vlog

I love a little list or two and I enjoy reading (& now watching) other peoples take on parenting and as I nod along it makes me feel like I'm part of a group. All families are different and what one person can't stand, another person absolutely loves and it's what makes us all a great big mixing pot of personalities and experiences.

So when I watched a parent tag video over on youtube, I knew I had to post my own five hates and loves of parenting. I've been doing a little series of 'Nobody Told Me' vlogs of all the things that people don't tell you about before or during having children and this little video goes alongside that.

Sorry to bombard you with another video so quickly but I'm aiming to upload one a week over on my channel so if you are interested please do go over and subscribe and/or comment as I'd love all the help I can get.

Here it is...My loves and hates of parenting

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