19 May 2015

The Parenting Bits n Bobs of Instagram

I love a bit of social media surfing and by far the one I keep going back to on a daily (or hourly) rate is Instagram. I try with twitter, I really do but I get lost in a flutter of tweets and it seems like everyone is in a little gang and I don't like butting in. Facebook feels like part of the furniture now and I'll log on to find out what people are upto but I don't spend hours on there.

Instagram is a lovely community and there is always a helpful tip or comment on a picture that's been posted, I've learnt so much and I'm always telling hubby about something or other (he isn't on IG...freak!). So here are some of the things IG has taught me about parenting and life in general

1) Ailments can be diagnosed....by everyone!

I love the photo's where a mum has put up a rash on her child's back or shows a picture of a deep cut on a child's head and we all become experts and assess what is happening.

2) You are luckier than you think

It's the dreaded photo of a child (or worse just the corridor shot) in hospital waiting with a massive cut on their head or a picture of the cast they now have to wear. Instantly it makes you sigh heavily, wish the child better and thank your lucky stars it isn't your child...then you go find your child to reassure yourself that they are ok.

3) Some mothers have more time than you

I'm not sure if they have cloned themselves or just better at managing the load but some women seem to have all the time in the world...and no little snotty kid dragging at their trousers. And they do things like wear white trousers - only a woman with lots of time and is relaxed enough can pull off the white trouser look (I wouldn't dare for the snot and dribble that would get down them).

4) There are some very creative and talented people out there

Honestly, I am amazed sometimes that such things of beauty can be created by women who haven't had a full nights sleep. I can sew, knit and crochet but I'm not very consistent at the moment because I can't do it during the day because of the kids and by evening I'm so ragged out that I just want to sit slumped in a corner watching trash tv.

5) Somebody, somwhere is Eating Clean & their kids are happily munching on a whole brocolli!!!

Like all the time! I see meals created that have the hashtag #cleaneating #bodysculpting etc and I do follow several Slimming World accounts but some people have so much willpower and to top it off they also get their kids to eat wholesome, veggie stuffed meals. They are usually called Alice, Ella or the like and look impossibly healthy and full of vitality...unlike myself. I might start a hashtag #almostateveg or #nearlysneakedgoodfoodinhergob because try as I do, my kids refuse to eat anything resembling healthy and I'm prone to raiding the cupboards once they are in bed!

6) Beautiful people don't always have beautiful kids

I know, I know, I'm bad! But it gives me great pleasure when you see a 'all got it going on' woman without a hair out of place and then the next picture is her less than attractive kid. I also know that old saying 'ugly duckling turns into a swan' and yes karma will get me.

7) Your child isn't the only misbehaved one out there

I do like posting pictures of my children doing silly things or naughty things because it makes me smile and I also like the outpouring of support you get. It's also nice to see other peoples children are exactly the same and I'm not the only one who reaches for my phone first.

8) There are tidy houses out there

Or at least a corner of a house that has been staged for the camera and the piles of cr*p are behind you! At least it's a corner to look at...that's good enough.

9) I am a total sheep!

I see something someone has got for their children, home or themselves and I am straight on that bandwagon and it's on its way to me via Amazon. I can't believe how incredibly weak I am, I'm sure I only learnt how to crochet because I saw so many lovely creations on IG. As for the waist trainer, lets not even go there!!! (ps. I'm not sure if its working yet and I need to remember to wear it more).

10) A well timed quote can get you through the day

We all love a bit of inspiration and motivation and you need to look no further than IG, there will be a quote popping up on your timeline that someone has posted that relates to you. My favourite today is

"Listen, Before I had my coffee, I didn't know how awesome I was going to be today, either."

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