20 May 2015

Why voting in the MADS 2015 is a Good Idea

Tots100 MAD Blog Awards 

 If you are a blogger then you know all about the Tots100 list and how blogs rank (mum if you are reading this, I am defo not in the top 100...try the top 1000 *cough, looks slightly shifty). Hey at least I'm in the top 1000, I'll take that seeing as there are literally hundreds and hundreds of brilliant parent blogs out there.

If you are a blog lover then it's also a great way to find even more brilliant reads and you never know what you might learn along the way.

It's also now the time of year that the blogging community goes a little stir crazy over all the awards ceremony's around. I love nothing better than seeing that a blog I follow has got the recognition it deserves and has been nominated for an award. I make a special effort to vote each year and make sure all the categories are filled in as I think it's important to be heard and show those whom I vote for that I appreciate all your hard work (and it is hard work this blogging lark, it takes hours out of a week, your children get used for all sorts of experiments and testing of products, there is always one eye on your stats and what could potentially make a good photo).

So if you do follow someone and you love their style and their blog keeps grabbing your attention, why not think about voting for them, It'd make their day (I hope, but if not then there is always Karma!!).

So the nifty link above takes you to the MADS which stands for the 'Mum and Dad' Blog Awards which five lucky individuals will win. It's a huge thing and I do hope you take the time to vote...

To get you started here are a few of my fave blogs at the moment and the reasons why you should take a look.

The lovely Charlotte, where do I begin, she creates wonderful meals, takes awesome photographs and really really really writes from the heart. A true inspiration

The place to be for a laugh and to know you are definitely not alone, the wonderful 'don't beat yourself up' guides are a good read and the Wicked Wednesday photo linky will get you nodding along.

A very stylish mumma and a very stylish blog, I love the Friday linky of Little Loves which gives you a glimpse of everyone else's week. When I visit this blog it makes me feel calm and glossy...I know, a blog that makes you feel like that is always a winner

This is just a treasure trove of ideas and advice (& codes for cheap tickets etc). He introduced me to the idea of not comparing my beginning to someone else's middle which is so simple yet so powerful for every area of your life.

Please do take the time to look at new blogs and if you have a few minutes then have a go at voting for a few of your faves. Every little helps, just click on the linked logo at the top of the page.

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