10 Jun 2015

10 Top Tips for Travelling with Children

It's that time of year again where we can only think of one thing to get us through...HOLIDAY. In every advert you see and every shop window, the allure of the holiday is drip fed to us and then the sun shines and we are all in trouble.

Holidays with children are totally different from anything you can imagine when you go as a single, there is no lazing around on a sun lounger and drinking cocktails, unless you squeeze it into nap time or take it in turns with your other half. I'm hoping as the kids get older we will be able to do a bit more of this but with a four and one year old it's all about high octane fun from the minute the sun rises (or earlier if we aren't lucky) until they fall asleep.

I look forward to holidays now as it is so much fun watching my children experience things for themselves and going to new places. The one thing I swear by is an action plan and seeing as we go away next week, these are my top tips:

1) Take some pocket money in the currency of the country you are going to.

Or as I affectionately call it 'tat money', my girl can then be free to roam around trying to find something to buy with her small change. It keeps her busy for ages and makes every where we go an adventure in shopping for her. It also teaches her the value of money in different countries and handling money. Then the toy or ice cream or bucket and spade she has just purchased becomes her new prize possession.

2) Pack light for yourself...and heavy for the children

I'm so indecisive and seem to take tons of shoes, belts, bags and tops for myself and come home with most of them unworn. So this year I'm eliminating the choice because I just stand in front of the mirror deliberating for ages and then wearing the same shoes as yesterday! I can then make room for the extra t-shirts and hats and swimming gear for the little ones because lets face it, you forget how much mess suncream makes once smeared on a lovely clean top. Also perhaps let the children be involved in the packing process and take their own case (but last time Bubba wanted to take all her plastic food from her play kitchen).

3) Games, games and more games

I love a bit of Ipad time and it is a firm favourite for all in our house but on holiday I like to take a board game or puzzle or spot the difference books. It's all about the retro games for me because this is the time that you are hopefully most likely to interact with your family and nothing brings you together like an argument over who won! I often pick up cheap games in Pound land or the like.

4) Snacks

I take crisps and sweets and especially this time as we are staying in the UK and it's a couple of hours in the car. I'm all for bribery and indulgence on holiday. I dish them out freely as there is nothing worse than the chorus of "are we there yet and I'm hungry" so I fill the gaps with sweets.

5) Relax the rules

If you want cake for breakfast...well ok then, cake it is. Holiday rules are different and I like to indulge us all (within reason of course). My girl goes all wide eyed and incredulous that I'll let her eat chocolate before 9am...it's fun to watch. Same goes for dinner, ice cream first and then your main course, well why not!

6) 7) 8) Suspend worry, don't over think things and most importantly, take your happy face.

Yeah it's raining, so what...go out puddle jumping, they want to go to the beach again...go with it. Smile, grin inanely and even if you don't feel that happy, relaxed or worry free - fake it until you make it. Holidays aren't for being exactly as they are at home. You may be delayed but you will get there eventually and it will be ok.

9) Ear plugs, wine and travel night lights

Ear plugs work a treat on planes when little ones ears pop (as do two plastic cups with a bit of wet cotton wool put against the ears). Obviously the wine isn't for the kids but a treat for me and the night light is helpful when your babies are in a strange villa, hotel room or caravan.

10) Remember you babies favourite toy

Then guard it with your life the whole holiday, there is nothing better than a bit of familiarity to hold but nothing worse on a long drive or plane ride if it goes missing!

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